Reese Witherspoon’s Face Foiled by Botox Again


Reese Witherspoon’s picture was snapped in Hollywood last week, where the effects of her botched Botox injections were still pretty obvious…

Reese Witherspoon makes a funny Botox face

Reese is notoriously sour with the paparazzi, but she had better learn to grin and bear it until her bad Botox job wears off. Every time she tries to glare or frown, she looks pretty darn ridiculous. And her “surprised” face results in a “wrinkle rainbow” above her super-duper smooth/frozen middle forehead (see below).

Reese Witherspoon before and after Botox:
Reese Witherspoon before and after Botox

Hopefully Reese’s bad Botox job will wear off sooner then later, but until then…cut some bangs, Reese! And start looking for a new plastic surgeon if you plan on getting Botox injections again.

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  • avatar jenniferlauren says:

    so, I’m sitting here watching cruel intentions on oxygen, and I just noticed that Reese has the EXACT same wrinkle pattern on her forehead in the movie. I believe she was 21ish when she made that film, so I highly doubt she was using botox back then. she just has a weird forehead wrinkle thing going on when she raises her eyebrows…

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