Renee Graziano Shows Off New Butt After Surgery


“Mob Wives” star, Renee Graziano recently had plastic surgery on her butt and stomach, and is eager to show off the results…while grinding a stripper pole.

Renee Graziano after butt augmentationPictures: TMZ

Renee went under the knife in July and had a tummy tuck and butt lift, which set her back nearly $30,000. Now that she is healed up from the surgery, she has decided to debut her new body in a pictorial in Mob Candy Magazine. The pictorial features Renee in a red mini dress, dancing around a stripper pole (once again proving that money and/or plastic surgery don’t exactly make you classier?). Personally, if I saw anything resembling Renee Graziano draped from a stripper pole in an actual club, I would immediately turn around and get the f out of there, but hey, that’s just me…

As for Renee’s newly “enhanced” body, she should have spent the money on a personal trainer. If she would just get off her (newly lifted) butt and lose some weight, she would probably be fairly attractive.

More pictures of Renee Graziano before and after plastic surgery:

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