Stephanie Seymour Boosted Her Bust with Breast Implants


Retired supermodel, Stephanie Seymour, unveiled some new floatation devices while prancing around St Barts in a bikini over the holiday.

Stephanie Seymour before and after breast implants:
Stephanie Seymour before and after breast implants

The 43-year old supermodel has always been curvy and began her modeling career, modeling lingerie and hosiery for Victorias Secret in the early 90’s. Whilst Stephanie made a fortune with her natural curves, the mother of four was probably feeling a bit self-conscious after age and pregnancy deflated her world famous bust line. Being naturally busty to begin with, Stephanie’s new breast implants actually look fairly natural and it appears that she chose a size that simply enlarged her back to her pre-pregnancy cup size. If Stephanie put on a few pounds, her breast implants would look even more natural, but then she would be splashed across the gossips mags for being fat…so, you just can’t really win being a celebrity! I’m not a huge fan of fake body parts, but I think Stephanie Seymour looks amazing at 43!

More pictures of Stephanie Seymour after getting breast implants:

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