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As the year 2011 ends, and our New Years hangovers diminish, we have to ask ourselves…”Holy s%^$! What the hell happened last night?!”, next question is (obviously), “What are the most notable celebrities and plastic surgery stories of 2011?!”. So, we’ll just jump right in and won’t leave you hanging…

Most popular plastic people of 2011:

Nicole “Coco” Austin

Coco‘s all natural, guys. She swears!

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan may not be scoring any movie roles, but people are still interested in her (bizarre new face).

Kim Kardashian

Why, oh why, won’t the Kardashians just go away?!

Audrina Patridge

I really have no idea why people are still interested in Audrina Patridge, except for pointing and laughing at her frankenboobies, I suppose?

Lady Gaga

Plastic surgery, photoshop or makeup tricks? We’re guessing that Lady Gaga’s transformation is a combination of all three!

Top plastic surgery articles of 2011:

Top plastic surgery procedures of 2011:

Most hotly debated articles:

Popular pictures from 2011:

And that pretty much wraps up our celebrity plastic surgery coverage for 2011 (well, except for those other 150+ articles we wrote for your entertainment, but hey, they all can’t be the most popular)! Look for more exciting articles from FamousPlastic.com in 2012, as we finish rolling out our new website and flip the switch on a bunch of fun new features, including before and after photo galleries, pop quizzes and more. Stay tuned!

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  • avatar FrankieT says:

    Audrina Patridge looked amazing enhanced. She was unique in Hollywood – toned and slender yet with impressive cleavage and curves. That’s all gone now. She doesn’t look anything like your “now” picture and worse than your “before” picture. A drastic reduction in early 2011 removed Audrina’s cleavage and curves and left her flattened, sagging, and shapeless in dire need of some boosting lift and support. From young and sassy to sexless and looking old before her time. You made fun of her, but she looked so much better before the disastrous reduction!

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