Chelsea Handler Then and Now


We often get special requests to write about certain celebrities and have had such a request for a plastic surgery post on Chelsea Handler. I think that Chelsea Handler is an unfunny, fairly annoying, (rumored) coke-whore, so I was looking forward to writing about her bad plastic surgery, but, unfortunately for me (and fortunately for her), she looks pretty good.

Chelsea Handler in high school and in 2010:
Chelsea Handler before and after

Chelsea is 36-years-old and aside from some tastefully done Botox, she’s dabbled with fillers in her cheeks that are sometimes a little too plump, but not nearly as “pillow cheek-y” as some of the other aging celebrities. Chelsea may very well blow out her nose in a coke-binge, ala Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, but until then, Chelsea Handler looks like she’s keeping it together as far as aging goes.

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  • avatar Olivia Rose says:

    Yikes, that was really harsh. Have you read Chelsea’s books? She is hysterically funny. I love her show also. And yes, she does look great! She would even look better without fillers.

  • avatar art1e says:

    chelsea is hilarious you asshole…

  • avatar Susan Brown says:

    I agree that she is an obnoxious bitch. If she was a guy we would call her a dickhead. She is the loud bully person at the bar who makes everyone feel two inches tall with hateful jokes. I think that there is a fine line between funny and just plain mean. I look forward to her fall. You know it’s coming soon. I can’t wait to see the gallery of DWI pics that will inevitably be on the net and the trailer park she will be living in. She has had a nose job, her lips are way too plumped up with whatever, and her cheeks are plumped up. If she wasn’t reasonably attractive everyone would be saying she is a nasty jerk. When she ages and her beauty fades she will have a rough time of it. I wonder how many guys she slept with to get where she is? All I can say is YUCK. You can have beauty and grace. But some pretty people are just plain ugly…

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