Kim Kardashian Unveils Face 4.2 on New Years Eve


Kim Kardashian hosted a New Years party at Tao in Las Vegas, and her new look left a lot of people wondering what happened to her face? The 30-year-old socialite’s face looked waxen, stiff and more mask-like than usual.

Kim Kardashian before and after plastic surgery:Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery 2012

Kim, who has vehemently denied having ANY sort of plastic surgery on her face or body, aside from some Botox, is obviously lying. If you can look at the pictures of Kim Kardashian above and tell me that she has not had any plastic surgery, you are either blind or crazy. Aside from the surgically enhanced booty that made her famous, Kim has also had a nose job, breast implants and it appears that she’s even had some work done on her chin. The surgeries aside, it’s actually the over-use of Botox and facial fillers that has her looking over-the-top fake and totally unnatural. Kim K is definately on the plastic surgery path of Lil Kim, who looks like a freak (in her early 30’s!) after way too much plastic surgery.

More pictures of Kim Kardashian from 2005 and 2006:

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  • avatar lou says:

    i dont know how she can claim shes never had any work don, she dosnt look like the same girl

  • avatar jthomas says:

    She was so beautiful before surgery! She looked more exotic and more natural. Now she has a stubby nose and puffy cheeks, not to mention everything else that’s out of proportion!

  • avatar Farah says:

    I agree 100% that she had done MANY surgeries, I believe, through her many pictures, before and after!!!!
    I believe that she is a BIGGEST LIAR!

  • avatar Tara says:

    “more mask-like THAN usual.” Also, does she have “down” on her chin?

  • avatar Jen says:

    she looked so much better before

  • avatar Maria says:

    Kim K has definetly had plastic surgery. In the early photos of her there are many differences in her face. Kim K’s chin looks like she had an overbite and her lips are much fuller in the new photos.

  • avatar Maria says:

    Now Lil’ Kim just looks terrible she has completey ruined herself. I think the problem with plastic surgery is that people get hooked and end up looking like freaks-for better lack of words.

  • avatar Angela says:

    You guys are exaggerating. Her make up now is just way different from back then. And she’s shaping her brows better now. However, she has had too much botox. And may have done something about her bite (maybe braces?).

  • avatar Gracie says:

    Angela, you are BLIND. this woman has had a ridiculous amount of work done. Botox doesn’t change your whole face. Give up the defending her. She is made of plastic.

  • avatar lialic says:

    Simplely a freak, i dont like her she looks so hypocritical, a woman who keeps one’s cool. A total liar.

  • avatar Noreen says:

    Just as ugly then and Now! Who cares they are the most self centered family ever! and they are all UGLY!

  • avatar Jayme says:

    I can’t decide whether or not I agree with Angela… I mean, it IS possible that she didn’t have much surgery and just realised she was icing her face like a cake, so she learnt how to apply make-up and shape her eyebrows… That IS a possibilitiy.
    BUT… She does look like shes a plastic c*nt face too.. So ya never know :/
    She’s superficial and conceded anyways, and although I watch KUWTK cos it makes my life seem normal, I still think Kris H should take her for all she’s worth and then some. And Kanye should just stay away.

  • avatar kim says:

    if kim denied surgery, she is lying…. on an episode of their reality series, kourteney admittted that she had breast implants done, after her sis, kim, put in implants.

  • avatar LilyRose says:

    something happened to her forehead for sure because she seems to have a lot more in the new pictures…and botox and …but hey, good for her..if it makes her feel good..but she should stop denying that she had things done…

  • avatar mirushka' says:

    you people sickening to my stomach… vy you have to be so plastic? all of you! you sooooo fake’… YOU just be yourself! and you will find people to lovvve you! real people who will really love you!! You mony greedy freaks!!!

  • avatar Ann says:

    Clearly she has had her hailine altered – Like Rita Hayworth – electrolyed hers many years ago – to let her look less eastern european – Kim’s has been altered to make her look less ‘Asian’.

  • avatar Michelle says:

    She *said it herself she had all her body hair laser removed including the baby hairs *around her head

  • avatar Dr. Ley says:

    Kim has a completely new face. Nose jobs, chin contoured, filler in cheeks, botox and slight brow lift, hair line reduction, laser skin resurfacing. Not terrible looking but I would have stopped somewhere in the middle so less severe looking.

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