Heidi Montag Before And After Butt Augmentation


Here are pictures of Heidi Montag before and after her butt augmentation and, quite honestly, I think her butt looked better before the surgery!

Heidi Montag’s Butt before and after surgery:
Heidi Montag Butt Implants

Heidi has always been kind of vague about what was done to her butt, so I assumed that she simply had a “Brazilian Butt Lift”, which combines fat transfer with liposuction to make a perkier posterior, but it looks like she may have actually gotten butt implants. It appears that she now has a double crease where her leg and butt meet, suggesting that she has something unnatural in that booty of hers.

Heidi’s butt after being augmented:
Heidi Montag Double Crease <a href=Butt Implants” title=”Heidi Montag Double Crease Butt Implants” width=”407″ height=”514″>

Like most of the plastic surgery that Heidi has had, I think her butt augmentation looks silly. She had a bangin’ little booty before, now she has a big ol’ badonk on a dorky white girl body.

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  • avatar horsefaceskank says:

    a pathetic ugly woman inside & out no matterwhat she does …ugh!

  • avatar Truth says:

    I don’t think that Heidi has had butt implants, I think that she has started to keep her brain there instead.
    I mean seriously, it’s more fitting-Her thoughts etc seem to be comprised exclusively of shit, so why not go literal with it?!

  • avatar Bill says:

    It’s embarrassing to post in the same thread as these 3 jealous skanks above (1 self professed) but I’m going to anyway. Heidi looks great and any normal person knows it. It’s really sad there are living creatures like you three.

  • avatar WTF says:

    Bill. Wtf is wrong with you? Why do you assume everyone that thinks that overly-done/botched plastic surgery looks bad is JEALOUS??? Just because you have some sort of weird fetish doesn’t mean everyone else is into it too. You’re kind of the minority here. Sure, some people are more mean than necessary, but it’s not because they’re jealous, it’s because they’re brutally honest. Heidi’s extensive plastic surgery completely ruined her career, so to say any normal person can see she looks great is obviously untrue. She was gorgeous before, and she went wayyyyy overboard. Get over it. If Heidi could remove her ass implants and reduce her tits to even just a D, and stop main-lining botox, she would probably look nice again.

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