Kat Von D: Bad Brow Lift or Botox?


Tattoo artist Kat Von D is looking majorly nipped and tucked lately! The makeup and fashion loving tattoo artist is obviously into her look, so it’s not exactly surprising to learn that she’s had plastic surgery…but it is surprising to find out that she’s only 29-years old!

Kat Von D before and after plastic surgery:
Kat Von D Plastic Surgery

After having either a brow lift, or major Botox treatments (or both!), Kat Von D is looking more like a middle-aged housewife, than the 20-something hipster tattoo chick that she actually is…

Kat Von D in 2008 and her new look in 2012:
Kat Von D Cosmetic Surgery

In addition to the recent plastic surgery that Kat Von D has had, I would bet money that she’s also had a nose job and filler injections in her cheeks and lips. Irregardless of the previous work done, Kat Von D was looking pretty hot just a few months ago, but the latest work done by her plastic surgeon was “botched” at best. Was it the bad break up with Jesse James that led Kat Von D to go a bit more extreme with the plastic surgery? Hopefully Kat will ease up on the plastic surgery, because she is entirely too young to be looking like a tattooed desperate housewife!

And, just for fun, here is a photo montage of Kat Von D and another famously plastic celebrity…Cher!

Kat Von D Versus Cher

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  • avatar mr.ed says:

    It’s not the time; it’s the mileage. I think she’s been “rode hard and put away wet” too many times.

  • avatar mikey mike says:

    yur pretty as is. i am like 6 years older than you are so i hope yu kinda feel the same way.

    besides…i don’t think there is any thing that you can do to make yur inner beauty any more charming than it already is.

    ps…all the poo poo heads that diagree don’t know yu anyway so they are jaded…besides…i am totally goin to take them to heck and punish the crud out of them for hurting the feelings of such a luvly lass as yurself πŸ˜‰

    yu deserve to be happy and yu totally deserve to be loved for who you are…i luv the way you are, Dee Dee “8oD

    serio, holmes {lol}

    gl in Love Miss Von D

  • avatar mikey mike says:

    sumtimes searching
    being myself

    wishing bad things
    talking about hell

    i guess maybe its that i think that im smart
    which is exactly why i act so dum

    so insted of being bitchy
    i shuld try to be more fun

    …still wurking on it πŸ™

  • avatar loil says:

    ‘Irregardless’? Srsly?

    Anyway, why the hell did she have anything done in the first place? She’s never even had a slightly wonky nose or saggy eyebrows, and even if she did she shouldn’t have. She is crazy

  • avatar Truth says:

    Why did Kat have that done??
    If she’s going to have plastic surgery, shouldn’t she fix the things that REALLY need to be fixed???
    Such as her HUGE chin, and that ugly, super flat ass??
    I don’t think that I’ve EVER seen such a flat ass on a woman before-It’s ridiculous!!!

  • avatar Jen says:

    i think shes just winging her eyebrows and eyeliner up and out more now…it gives a lifting effect…i do it too sometimes when im going out and want to spice up my face…

  • avatar Alexa says:

    She hasn’t had eye surgery, she’s just doing her eyebrows differently. C’mon people.

    • avatar Mona says:

      Alexa. Absolutely NOT! She’s had eye surgery! CC pointed out that her star tattoos on her face are in a different position! They’re right! Take a good look at the picture. That doesn’t happen when you draw on your eyebrows higher!

  • avatar cc says:

    she has definitely had work done, your eyebrows don’t just migrate two inches upwards without some help!

    if you look at her face tattoo, the stars beside her eye are in a different position now too

    • avatar Mona says:

      You are SO right, CC! I just told everybody that said she just drew her eyebrows higher what you said! I told them that CC pointed out Kat’s star tattoos are in a different position by her eye and that doesn’t happen by drawing your eyebrow on a little higher, and that you were right and that they should look closely at the picture. Very observant of you. I didn’t notice that until you pointed it out. You’ve got a sharp eye! πŸ˜€

  • avatar Nikki says:

    SHE DRAWS HER EYEBROWS ON. This is so stupid. Causing drama for the sake of it.

  • avatar bwah says:

    it’s regardless…not irregardless

    • avatar Mona says:

      Yeah, really. Who was given the authority to write this article? They shouldn’t be a journalist (if that’s what you would call them) if they’re not even educated enough to know that the word “irregardless” doesn’t exist in the English language!

      • avatar Vocabulary says:

        Actually irregardless IS a real word…It is interchangeable with regardless. Apparently the writer has a wider vocabulary that most.

          • avatar Dan says:

            It’s only been added to the dictionary because people misuse it so often – that doesn’t make it a “real” word in the traditional sense. It’s like using “conversate” instead of “converse” or using “orientate” instead of “orient.” It doesn’t become a proper word simply because dumb people frequently use and abuse it (and it certainly doesn’t make the user look very smart in front of people with a good grasp on the English language).

  • avatar tess says:

    I am surprised that no one mentions her jaw / chin she used to have a heavy boned chin and jaw like Rumour Willis and now she has a chiseled jaw and more feminine chin. This is not a weight loss change. Also along with the deep deep naso labial lines that are now gone…she has fuller lips and yes a raised brow.

  • avatar Cat says:

    …and implants by the looks of it

  • avatar deadgirl says:

    She has definitely had butt implants too-She has the flattest ass I have EVER seen, and now she suddenly has this butt?? No amount of gym or training does that to a person, ONLY implants will give that effect.
    She has definitely had her nose & jaw done too.

    I wish she would just own it, and stop pretending that it’s “natural”, because that woman is anything but natural!

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