Paris Hilton’s Got a New Butt!


It looks like Paris Hilton has finally decided to do something about her flat-as-a-board butt! Paris debuted a much different, bubblier butt as she vacationed in Hawaii recently.

Paris Hilton then and now:
Paris Hilton before and after butt augmentation

Did Paris Hilton finally break down and get plastic surgery on her butt? It sure does look like it! Paris has been ridiculed in the media for years about her square, flat, oddly-shaped butt, (we call it the “Hilton Curse”, as both Nicky and Paris have the same unappealing backview) so it doesn’t totally surprise us that she finally decided to boost the booty. The butt job is the new boob job!

Paris has been known to play with injectable fillers, so I would guess that her booty transformation has to do with Hydrogel injections that have filled out her usually non-existent backside.

What do you think of Paris Hilton’s new butt? Big improvement or too little, too late?

More pictures of Paris Hilton’s butt of yesteryear:

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