Cameron Diaz Got a Boob Job


The paparazzi recently caught up with Cameron Diaz while on holiday in Hawaii and as the photogs snapped pictures of Cameron, the super-fit actress, who is normally happy to be photographed in a bikini, covered up quickly with a cardigan sweater. Apparently Cameron has something to hide from the cameras, and it certainly isn’t holiday weight gain…Cameron recently got breast implants!

Cameron Diaz before and after breast implants:
Cameron Diaz before and after breast implants

The 39-year old star split from her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, in September and her former boyfriend, Justin Timberlake recently got engaged. Could these factors be what drove Cameron into the arms of a plastic surgeon, in an attempt to get her sexy back? Cameron isn’t the type of girl that we would expect to go under the knife for vanity, but facing 40 as a single woman is probably pretty tough on a girls self esteem. (And, we did notice that Cameron was entirely over-Botoxed in her most recent movie, “Bad Teacher”, which kind of blew that all-natural girl next door image for us…)

Formerly flat-chested Cameron appears to have boosted her A-cup to a B-cup, and if you ask us, she looks great! After her new breast implants settle in, they will look totally natural on her athletic frame.

More pictures of Cameron Diaz before and after getting breast implants:

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