Shirley Temple Got Her Temples Lifted


Child actress, Shirley Temple, recently popped up looking wide-eyed and bushy-tailed! A little too wide-eyed and wrinkle-free for a woman of 83 years, but even though the cosmetic surgery is obvious, she doesn’t look half bad.

Shirley Temple before and after having plastic surgery:
Shirley Template Black Plastic Surgery

In the 1930’s, and at age 4, Shirley Temple shot to fame with her adorable smile and trademark ringlet curls. She retired from acting by the age of 22, but has stayed active behind the scenes in the film industry and has branched out politically (she ran for congress and was a US Ambassador).

Recently, it looks like Shirley had a facelift, necklift and a little bit of filler injected into her lips. The overall results are not too bad, but her brow has been lifted a tad bit too high leaving her with overly arched eyebrows and pulled looking eyes. I can see why an older lady working in “the business” and in politics would have cosmetic surgery, but I just hope that by the time I am in my 80’s, my eyesight will be bad enough that when I look in the mirror I don’t see all of those superficial “flaws” that make a grandmother beautiful and worldly looking.

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