What Happened to Clay Aiken’s Face?


Ever since the new Celebrity Apprentice debuted, people have been talking about Clay Aiken and his new look. Many have said that Clay has had bad plastic surgery, but we disagree…Clay Aiken has simply aged since his days on American Idol.

Clay Aiken’s official Celebrity Apprentice picture:
Clay Aiken Apprentice

It has been nearly 10 years (!) since Clay competed on American Idol and he has drifted in and out of the spotlight since then. Like most men in their 30’s, Clay has gained a bit of weight and lost a little hair, but other then that his facial features look exactly the same. One thing that does make Clay look a little strange and plastic-y is the stage makeup that he tends to wear. Foundation and bronzer on any man looks a bit “off” and it certainly isn’t helping the already awkward singer.

Clay Aiken then and now:
Clay Aiken Before and After

Now that we have cleared that up, perhaps we should address the other Celebrity Apprentice contestants that actually have gone under the knife for a little (or a lot of) plastic surgery? Victoria Gotti, Aubrey O’Day, Debbie Gibson, Teresa Giudice and Cheryl Tiggs are all on this season of Celebrity Apprentice and have all had plastic surgery. More on their plastic surgery transformations coming soon!

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