Snooki Got Her Lips Done


Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi tweeted a make-up free picture of herself on Wednesday, and while she doesn’t appear to have cosmetics on her face, it looks like she has cosmetics IN her face, in the form of cosmetic fillers and Botox.

Snooki before and after lip injections

It appears that Snooki’s “No Make Up Day and IDC” twitpic is really just an attempt to show off her new plastic surgery face. I immediately noticed Snooki’s new lips, which look to have been plumped with injectable fillers, but if you look at the before and after pics, it also appears that Snooki got a little lift from Botox injections. Her entire face is smoother and her eyebrows are elevated.

Is it surprising that Snooki got the exact same things done to her face that her BFF Jwoww did? Not really. Give a self-proclaimed Guidette hundreds of thousands of dollars to get shitfaced on reality TV and plastic surgery is not far behind…I’m just surprised that it took Snooki so long to finally get her nonexistent top lip blown up!

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  • avatar acid says:

    She looks a lot like JWoww in the before picture. Maybe Snooki’s trying to morph into her.

  • avatar CS says:

    Thank goodness! She definitely needed it. That top lip was tragic.

  • avatar julie says:

    Are you really this stupid?? Clearly you are. She doesn’t have lip injections. She’s pursuing her lips. Her eyebrows were not lifted, she is raising them with the muscles in her face. And lastly, you moronic bimbo, her skin appears smoother in the second picture because the quality of the picture isn’t as good as in the first picture so the first picture, being of better quality, shows more imperfections. So, since you’re such a moron, I suggest you get a life and stop blogging about people you envy.

  • avatar GumballGiggity says:

    She doesn’t even look like the same person.. She must have gotten some cheek fillers or something done. She has high cheekbones now and in her older photos they aren’t as sharp.

  • avatar anna says:

    You guys are stupid. She didn’t get surgery, she lost weight!!!! Losing weight changes the shape of the face so your cheekbones come through stronger. Her lips are the same, she’s just doing the “duckface” with them. Shes pretty. Leave her alone.

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