Kourtney Kardashian is Ruining Her Face


Just like her sister, Kourtney Kardashian is walking that very fine line of good versus bad plastic surgery. Kourtney has admitted to getting a boob job in college and has also had a nose job, but it’s the overload of Botox that has her face looking stiff and waxen.

Kourtney Kardashian before and after plastic surgery:
kourtney kardashian before nose job and Botox

If you don’t take into account that she looks nothing like she did before having plastic surgery, Kourtney does look pretty, but complete plastic surgery transformations so young is just weird. In our opinion, the 32-year old reality starlet needs to slow down on the plastic surgery and just let her 15 minutes of fame expire already. There is nothing worse than an aging woman desperately trying to cling to her youth (*cough*ShaunaSand*cough*). It just screams insecurity, which is never attractive.

With Kim and Kourtney both toying with too much plastic surgery in their early 30’s, I can only imagine how horrible they are going to look in 5 years!

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  • avatar Dotz says:

    She looks like she lost a little weight. Too much self tanner maybe, but until the photographs are taken at the same angles, I don’t see the plastic surgery.

  • avatar Danny Cook says:

    I really wish that this family go away for good. Big breasts, big hair, big rings, no brains.

  • avatar Shearer Herrin says:

    I like a full lip. But, plastic surgeries can become an addiction (like getting tattoos, seriously). The K’s have gone too poofy with every alteration they have chosen to undergo. I find voluptuous women much more attractive than stick thin ones. I think men find the curves attractive, as well. However,this is just attention seeking gone WAY wrong. So dangerously wrong that I worry for these young women. It is plain to see that they have serious psychological problems. Having purposefully made themselves appear like cartoon characters shows that they just don’t have the ability to really SEE themselves. It is like those with anorexia who appear skeleton-like. But,when they look in the mirror they look FAT to themselves. They lose touch with reality (like the two big butted King sisters). We see it is not attractive by any stretch of the imagination! The doctors that choose to mutilate obviously unstable people for financial gain should have their licenses pulled. PLEASE, someone…help them before it is too late…they deserve help! Do the K’s think they have attractive appearances? Yes….they do….because they are I’ll. Have they both developed body dysmorphic disorders??? Absolutely….and all gawker are complicit in watching this sad, human drama play out…WHY??? We HAVE to STOP…we must HELP THEM! Remember Michael Jackson? His doctor agreed to endanger his life (and eventually kill him) for money. He COULD have refused. When they look into mirrors, do they appear geougeous to themselves??? YES…THEY DO! Why, Kris? How CAN you stand idly by as you see your children destroying their bodies? What is your “mommie malfunction”??? Speak up Kour they. …YOU HAVE TO BE CONCERNED. YOU HAVE RECOGNIZED DESTRUCTIVE TENDENCIES INSIDE OF SCOTT D….YOU INSISTED THAT HE GET HELP (good for you ALL!!!!) HELP THEM!!!
    I surely HOPE they don’t choose to further damage their appearances? Which (really) is the LEAST of all concerns(actually), their health could be compromised..their very livessels could be in grave danger. These implants & such could become infected and necrosis is then a valid concern. Someone. ..PLEASE…help these girls. They OBVIOUSLY need it!

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