What Happened to Mitzi Kapture?


Do you remember actress Mitzi Kapture? She’s acted in many popular television shows including “Silk Stalkings”, “MacGyver” and “The Young and the Restless” and her fame peaked in the late 90’s when she starred on the infinitely popular “Baywatch”.

For obvious reasons, (that may or may not have to do with a skintight swimsuit) Mitzi Kapture is best known for her role as Alex Ryker on “Baywatch”. Which is probably why Mitzi Kapture fans were a little shocked to see her turn up at David Hasslehoff’s Comedy Central roast looking completely different than they remembered!

Mitzi Kapture Then and Now

There have been many theories about what happened to Mitzi Kapture including that she has some sort of disease/disorder or that she simply aged naturally (and unfortunately). The most shocking difference in Mitzi’s appearance is that it looks as if she’s gained 100lbs…but only in her face! This can happen as a side effect from taking steroids and is called “moon face”, but after doing a bit of digging, we have our own theory here at FamousPlastic.com: Mitzi has simply had some bad cosmetic surgery!

Mitzi Kapture in 2006 and 2010

After watching a recent video interview with the 49-year old actress, Mitzi’s puffy frozen face is an all too familiar look with aging actresses nowadays and is the result of too much filler and too much Botox injected into the face.

Interview with Mitzi Kapture in 2011:

Mitzi has those horrible “pillow cheeks” that have made Madonna and Heather Locklear a laughing stock, and her overall newly altered look reminds me a lot of what Laura Flynn Boyle did to her face, which was equally shocking and unfortunate.

More pictures of Mitzi Kapture when she was on Baywatch:

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  • avatar pak31 says:

    I remember her and she was an attractive woman. Why would you feel the need to destroy your looks when you already look good. I am stunned, she looks awful. Plus, it’s not like you can say, oh nevermind I want my old face back. What a fool. I don’t pick on people but this is ridiculous that someone would choose to let a human person play with their already fine features.

  • avatar Marie says:

    I agree, this has to be botched Botox or something. One of the things that made me enjoy her as an actress was how expressive her face was, and now it is, as you point out in the article, frozen. What a shame…I think she was absolutely gorgeous before.

  • avatar catb says:

    why can’t beautiful women leave their faces alone, are they seeing something we can’t?

  • avatar Spaceflightengineer says:

    Mitzi Captures changes are unfortunate, and perhaps she’ll regain her slim beauty again.

    Comparing her with a *unt like Madonna is simply pointless. Capture has displayed grace and style for the duration of her career. Madonna only knows how to display her apparent concept of communication- being an ultra-bitch 24/7. …if I could I’d high-five Guy Ritchie for dumping her vomit-spewing ass (and for some great film-making!).

    Go Mitzi!


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