Rumer Willis Before and After Chin Reduction


I was going through some old pictures of Rumer Willis the other day and, while her chin now wouldn’t exactly be described as ‘petite’, her original chin is like “DAMN!”. When comparing pictures of Rumer now and Rumer prior to 2009, you can tell that she’s obviously had a chin reduction surgery.

Rumer Willis before and after:

Before having plastic surgery, Rumer looked more like her dad, Bruce Willis, and after having her chin reduced Rumer is looking a lot more like her mom Demi Moore. And while normally I hate it when young girls get major plastic surgery, I don’t know if I blame Rumer for having her chin reduced. Rumer has a very unique look and isn’t exactly what you would expect to see in the dictionary if you looked up “beautiful”. Combine that with the pressure of growing up in Hollywood, a fat trust fund and a mother that has had a crazy amount of plastic surgery herself and it’s pretty much in the cards that Rumer was bound to have plastic surgery. Being born with a unique look can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your confidence level. You can own it, a la Maggie Gyllenhaal, or you can let your insecurity get to you and go running to the plastic surgeon in an attempt to fit in to society’s standards of beauty. Clearly Rumer Willis has chosen option #2 and is trying to nip and tuck her way to being acceptably beautiful…

Rumer Willis before and after having chin reduction surgery:
Rumer Willis chin surgery before and after

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  • avatar Olivia Rose says:

    Yes she does have a very unique look, but she still has that unique look after the chin reduction. I think her surgery was done very well and it is subtle. She still has a rather large chin, but it was downright huge before. I think having the chin reduced was a good choice.

  • avatar Deb says:

    Her extremely small nose bothers me more.

    • avatar Feather says:

      TOTALLY!! I was thinking the same thing. Tiny nose but large nostrils. Maybe she’ll get nose enlargement surgery haha

  • avatar Dr. Fiasco X.Vicodin says:

    More utter rubbish- the rumour mill gone amok. Rumer Willis did NOT have “Chin reduction surgery” – I don’t even know what that procedure would be, and while not a “plastic surgeon” I am a physician. There are JAW reduction procedures which are used to feminize the face – often as part of sexual re-assignment. There are radical surgeries used to re-align the bite in the case of birth defects and other serious injuries. But I don’t know what “chin reduction surgery” would be.

    What Rumer DID do was lose a significant amount of weight, which makes her face appear much thinner, much more feminine (IMO), and gave her a tighter, more attractive profile jaw line because she is young. If she were even 10 yrs older that kind of wt. loss would not have had the dramatic result and she would have required some lower tightening procedures. In Rumer’s case her skin is still very elastic and responded with no further incisions necessary.

    • Chin reduction surgery, also called Genioplasty or Mentoplasty, involves a plastic surgeon shaving down (bone burring) the part of the mandible that we lovingly call the “chin”.

      Rumer has never been fat enough to lose enough weight to effect her face in this way. We’ll bet you $1,000 she’s had her chin surgically reduced.

  • avatar Agatha says:

    I must be taking crazy pills.. I don’t see it? I see the same chin!
    And it’s hugh! How can this come out of Demi!!
    *Did she push to soon?..* (I did not just typ that.. But I always think of it!)

  • avatar L says:

    saw her on hawaii 5-0 tonight, she looks great..chin work best thing she has ever done, or whatever else she had done. lovely woman now, not chinzilla

  • avatar Jane says:

    I saw her on Hawaii 5-0 tonight and didn’t even recognise her. I think there has been some lip work and dental work too.

  • avatar mmm says:

    She has a fairy nose or elf.

  • avatar Will says:

    There aint enough plastic surgery on earth to fix that mug. Id opt for the full cranial paper bag implant.

  • avatar Silla says:

    She looks just like Demi. She has beautiful eyes. I don’t know why everybody says she inherited we jaws and chin from her father? When you look at the photos of Demi Moore before she was famous, she too had a huge jawline and chin.

  • avatar nabilah says:

    and reading most of the comment… u guys are the reason these things happen… this bothers me… that bothers me…. what are u? u dont even live with her… so what if any celeb had a huge nostril… or a crooked teeth… or a lazy eye? its not like u will die if u look at those too long… dumbasses. @_@

  • avatar StevenX says:

    Rumer Willis has not had a chin reduction. The pictures are before and after weight gain (from different angles as well) and before and after haircut and better stylist. The shovel-face doesn’t show up so much without her dark hair to set it off (the lighter makeup doesn’t hurt either). Besides, if she’d really wanted a chin reduction, do you think that’s where she would have stopped? Unless she’s auditioning for the MASK sequel, her surgeon would be nowhere near done. Isn’t there enough real stupid so-called celebrity news without making this shit up?

  • avatar BobRush says:

    Hey,Rumer, why the long face?

  • avatar Susie says:

    She looks the same as she always did..still huge chin

  • avatar bluebird says:

    Looks better than before. But I think additional 10% reduction will look perfect for her overall profile. It still looks disportionately big for her face.

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