Lana Del Rey Uses Fake Lips to Tell Lies


Lana Del Rey wants to let you know that her lips are real…Because she lived in a trailer park, you guys. And that she’s too poor and too gangster for plastic surgery…Obvi, Lana Del Rey hasn’t had surgery to plump her formerly much thinner pout!! Wait a minute…

Lana Del Rey before and after:
Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery - Lip Injections

When Complex magazine interviewed Lana, they asked her, “Yeah, there’s a lot of speculation about your lips…“, to which Lana vaguely answered:

I can tell that’s going to be a fucking problem. I didn’t sign up to be famous, I just wanted to sing. It’s so annoying, but what am I going to do?

Not to be deterred from his question, interviewer Ernest Baker got to the punch and asked, “Are your lips real?“, to which Lana Del Rey straight up lies through her big floppy silicon injected lips and answers:

I haven’t had anything done at all. Anyone who’s known me will tell you that. I’m sorry, but I was living in a trailer park for a few years. I didn’t even have enough money to buy Cocoa Puffs. It’s not like I crawled from under the bridge and got surgery. I’m quite pouty. [Laughs.] That’s just how I look when I sing.

I guess Lana Del Rey didn’t expect everyone to know that she used to go by her real name, Lizzy Grant, and was a failed mainstream artist before she got picked up by Interscope, reinvented with a little industry magic (now with new plastic parts!) and spit back into the world as “struggling indi-artist” Lana Del Rey. Now don’t get me wrong, I think Interscope did an amazing job at repackaging Lana Del Rey into a sexy Fiona Apple/Amy Winehouse and she’ll make millions because of it, I just think blatantly lieing about something as obvious as her surgically plumped pout is offensive. Is she going to try and convince us that her white-trash acrylic nails are also real too?

Lizzy Grant sings “Kill Kill”:

Lana Del Rey sings “Video Games”:

More pictures of Lana Del Rey when she was Lizzy Grant:

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  • avatar grady says:

    also had a nose job, and recently bigger cheeks

  • avatar l says:

    Too bad people will focus on her enhancements instead of the songs. Her lips over power her face. She looked better before the lip injections. I don’t understand why anyone thinks that looks better?!

  • avatar Julia Murray says:

    How can she possibly expect fans to believe she has not had lip fillers and done something to her nose? The differences in her before and after pictures are startling. Her upper lip is much larger than her bottom and the white shine at the borders is a tell-tale sign of hyaluronic acid. Her nose has also clearly been altered, possibly rhinoplasty, but in my opinion, it looks more like she has had fillers injected along the left and right dorsal side wall subunits. There is nothing wrong with her having the procedures but I find it irresponsible for her to lie about them in the way she has. Especially when she has relied so heavily upon her image and sex appeal for her new-found fame, hardly a good role model for young women.

  • avatar nny says:

    They are fake but who cares? They look fine in my opinion. Although I did just read that she went to a boarding school on CT…usually people who live in trailer parks can’t afford friggin boarding school

  • avatar Doodie says:

    I put up a whole gallery of girls with huge over done duck lips. Too much Collagen…..really sad. But shockingly hillarious.

  • avatar Donna says:

    Maybe “singing” causes her lips to swell and her nose to make an adjustment on her face. What a stupid thing to lie about something so obvious! She’s already untalented – why add to that by lying? Maybe she thinks that makes her “interesting”.

  • avatar aggy says:

    hahahahahahah asif!!!! What a vain idot. I’d have so much more respect if she said “hey my lips we’re too thin and i hated them, so i got them done to boost my self esteem” but ohh no she had to take the blatant lying path. Like that stupid cat faced megan fox. Her lips look so ugly now. She’s like a duck. Megan = lion face. Lana = duck face

  • avatar aggy says:

    Hi I’m Lana “quack quack quack” “quack off talking about my lips guys!”

  • avatar MissNoName says:

    She has the WORST trout pout of all…and the worst part is, instead of just plumping them up, she stretched them out…and the even worse part is, those lips are made for sucking, and that’s just what they’ll do…one of these days those lips are gonna stretch out over you!!!

  • avatar MissNoName says:

    She sounds like a dying dog…and there is only one “Gangsta Nancy Sinatra” and that is Nancy Sinatra herself. She’s a fame whore, and she’ll fade out just like the rest of them…and so will the juvederm, leaving her with deflated stretched out duck lips.

  • avatar Ana says:

    it’s weird because wikipedia tells a completely different story…

    she’s the daughter of a millionaire and went to the University!

  • avatar Alberto says:

    I really love the new Lana del Rey. She looked very normal before, now she’s a legend.

  • avatar Lita says:

    This untalented hack is a pathological liar. Everything that comes out of her fake duck lips is a lie, from her background to her obvious facial plastic surgery.

  • avatar hi says:

    i like her. girls have issues and stttrrrrreeeeetcccchhh the truth about things whether its a reality or not. what matters is that she makes beautiful music. who cares about the other stuffs. and if you do you have too much time on your hands most likely!

    -fellow female that’s appreciative of nice things.

  • avatar hi says:

    also shes an example of a person that felt like they had to alter their physical appearance in this this world to appease the other humans better. thanks humans!

  • avatar YaKnow says:


  • avatar V says:

    dont worry, Lana, youre fine, bright and exalted by yourself with and without plastics . we all love you here and some just jealous )

    • avatar None of your business says:

      I smh when people automatically assume “jealousy” when it pertains to women. Not every opinion is jealousy. I like her music though I think she’s a total fake and a poser, and I think her top lip looks a mess, but I wouldn’t call her names. That’s the difference between having an opinion, hating, or being “jealous.”

      Her team brings something different to the mainstream music game. That’s where it starts and ends, because, as a person, she’s shown herself not worth looking beyond the music itself. Enjoy it and her for what they are, because when you look deeper, you’re disappointed.

  • avatar grizzly lant says:

    The broad’s had a long-standing reputation in NYC as desperately trying to come across as a legit artist. Appealing to people because she was a “starving artist” in Williamsburg. Thing is, we knew who she was, who her daddy was so when she rebranded herself with a new name to distance herself from Daddy Warbucks and even had her entire face redone, she left a bad taste in our mouths. No one respects a poseur, especially not in NYC, that shit flies in LA, not NYC. She’s a manufactured character, not an artist.

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