Did Matthew Morrison get Bro-tox?


And by special request…Did Matthew Morrison get a little “Bro-tox”? A concerned fan wants to know if we think that Matthew Morrison recently had a little work done.

Matthew Morrison then and now:
matthew morrison botox before and after

Matthew Morrison before and after Botox?
matthew morrison plastic surgery

Botox is becoming more popular with men, (so much so, that it’s been deemed “Bro-tox”), and yes, judging from the photo comparison, Matthew Morrison has indulged in that little fountain of youth called Botox. The 33-year old actor appears to have had Botox injections in his forehead which have tighten his skin, reduced the fine lines and wrinkles and very slightly lifted his brow. The overall results, we think, looks natural and fantastic. Kudos to Matthew Morrison’s plastic surgeon!

What do you think? Did Matthew Morrison get Botox or has he just stepped up his skincare game?

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  • avatar Cheryl says:

    In the 2011 pic I think he looks a little weird and different from himself. Is that from just recently getting the botox? In the 2012 pic he looks great and just slightly tighter around the forehead. I want the name of that surgeon!

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