Photos of Minka Kelly Before and After Botox Are Shocking!


I’ll be the first to tell you that Minka Kelly is pretty freakin’ hot (…and I pick peoples looks apart for a living). But when you compare pictures of Minka Kelly’s face to pictures taken just a few years ago, the changes are nothing short of shocking!

Minka Kelly before and after plastic surgery:
Minka Kelly before and after plastic surgery

The 31-year old actress has gone from cute girl next door to Hollywood vixen, thanks to a skilled plastic surgeon. Minka Kelly has had what appears to be a “liquid facelift”, which is where a plastic surgeon strategically places Botox and fillers to pull and lift the face. It also looks as if Minka has had an eye lift surgery (blepharoplasty) to remove the fat bags from under her eyes, but this could also be a result of the liquid facelift.

In the picture from 2007, you can see that Minka’s face was softer and she had wrinkles beginning to form on her forehead. Now, Minka’s face has been lifted, tightened and there is not even a HINT of wrinkling in her forehead. Her whole look has been altered, and while she looks hot, when you see what she used to look like, she looks very hard and Stepford Wife-ish.

With all of these Hollywood starlets having plastic surgery and “liquid” facelifts so young, you can only wonder if all of these beautiful woman are going to end up looking like Joan Rivers by the time they are 40? At what point do you stop and say, “Okay, I’m ready to have wrinkles now…”?

More pictures of Minka Kelly before plastic surgery:

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  • avatar Olivia Rose says:

    I think she looks beautiful with the liquid facelift/botox, however she doesn’t look like herself anymore. It’s taken all of the character out of her face. It looks to me like she’s had a little work done on her nose as well.

  • avatar Bee says:

    Looking at pictures of her even a few years before the before picture shows she’s had even more work done (the veneers are quite obvious).

  • avatar Peace says:

    Minka Kelly has had:

    Brow lift
    Blepharoplasty (remove fat bags/make eyes rounder & wider)
    Nose job (it’s just as fat but flatter)

    Entire face reworked:

    Face lipo (Notice her original jaw bones very wide)
    Cheekbone implants
    Fat removed from chin as well
    Facial recontouring
    Hairline lifting
    Gummy smile fixed
    Neck work (lines removed)
    Ton of botox (forehead/frown/crow’s feet)

    I’ve never heard of a liquid face lift, not sure what you mean? Those are not fillers, they’re huge silicone cheekbones. They fit her face tho. All in all she went from fugly to somewhat gorgeous but she does look mediocre in those thumbnails maybe she was in between.

    Everyone wants to look like Angelina Jolie and order her face at the p.s.
    To date, Angie wanna-bes are:

    Eva Lonogoria
    Kim Tardashian
    Megan Fox
    Minka Kelly
    and countless others whom I’ve already forgotten but no one compares to the original silicone-stuffed face, Angie Jolie.

  • avatar julie says:

    are u people RETARDED???? about 90% of this stuff is NOT accurate. yes, botox in most cases but can you not TELL the difference between better hair and makeup? jesus! (as a makeup artist/hairdresser who has worked in the industry, i see and TOUCH their faces up close, w/no makeup), that is ALL that is going on w/most of these people. minka’s face is EXACTLY the same, she just has better hair and makeup, same w/kim kardashian. ALL of the “old” pics of kim k. are when she was a teen, early 20’s, not in the spotlight, u can OBVIOUSLY see that she did her own makeup and didn’t have it all together. now she is a brand and has her makeup and hair professionally done EVERYDAY, same w/her sisters. same w/most on here. also people’s face shapes change to some degree the older they get, some for the better, some for the worse. most people ARE their most attractive in their 30’s and 40’s, their bone structure takes on a maturity and settles in and they look their best. also, as you get more famous you get better stylists, makeup artist, photographs, etc. DUH!!!
    everyone is soooo eager to jump on any bandwagon to tear down anyone who has had NOTHING done, because they have no lives of their own, are bored, are jealous, are tired of being ugly….something. it’s ridiculous.
    i am not a fan of plastic surgery myself, especially the way almost everyone in LA, or in the media or even teenagers are getting boob jobs left and right and so on, all trying to be a barbie or whatever, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has face work done, unless you can actually TELL they have had face work done, which again, most of these people have not. angelina jolie’s face is a natural as the day she was born. you people obviously have bad eyesight and no visual skills whatsoever.
    what if i made YOUR face and hair over, hollywood style? you would look amazing, your absolute best and all of the retarded people (no offense to handicapped people) would be asking what work YOU had done, because no one seems to have a discerning eye for ANYTHING!!
    wake up people. and get a life.
    ever think about spreading positivity or going out and starting your own exciting life so you don’t have to follow celebs and reality tv because you have nothing better to do?
    i’m not being a bitch, it’s the simple truth.

  • avatar julie says:

    ps. peace: are you minka kelly’s non existent plastic surgeon? wow, it’s amazing how according to you, she’s had soooo much work, that she wouldn’t even have time to ACTUALLY WORK to make a living, she would be on the operating table and in the dr’s office getting all of these procedures, then hiding out to heal. she is a 20 something yr old girl. give me a friggin break. you are CLUELESS!!! did u just glance at her pics and scratch your head and go “hey she looks kinda different there? she musta had 200 procedures. yep, that’s it”.
    doesn’t even occur to you to think about lighting, angles, different hair styles, different hair color, different makeup, basically……actually LOOKING at someone’s face.
    and again back to angelina, look at her childhood pictures, look at her biological children, she has ALWAYS looked exactly the same way. the ONLY things that have fluctuated are her weight and her styling (i.e. hair, makeup, etc) and weight loss and gain changes the way one’s face looks as well.
    put down the glue already.

  • avatar marix says:

    It’s so extremely obvious that Minka has had work done. Her forehead is completely smooth; her eyebrow shape, although it could have just been shaped differently, has the botoxed brow look – lower toward the nose, raised at the ends. Her cheeks are a lot less full then they were,but have a perfectly rounded lower half. Her chin, though very dimpled before is almost completely smooth – the result of filler. She looks absolutely amazing in the “after” photo, but there’s no way such an extreme improvement could be the work of makeup alone. I know because I work with makeup (I’m an esthetician/makeup artist) and have had cosmetic procedures similar to hers done. Makeup application cannot change the face’s volume nor can it “erase” lines. As for Angelina, she had a very well done nose job. Look at photos of her early years, it’s much rounder, an much less defined/narrowed. No one is saying they’re bad for getting work done – who cares? If it makes someone more attractive, so what? And looking this stuff up, doesn’t make someone lame. It’s just a fun way to pass the time, and to get some inspiration for your own face. Not to mention it’s nice to know these celebrities are real people who need to work at looking beautiful, just like most of us.

  • avatar Annie says:

    Before and after, she is gorgeous!! Manages to be cute/sweet looking but still super sexy. Plus, looks aside I’ve seen interviews and she seems genuinely nice and not jaded. Ugh, life is unfair.

  • avatar dulla says:

    Why did the doctor leave minka kelly with cankles. Thats soo cruel

  • avatar Denial Idiots runs rampant here! says:

    Wow Julie are you Minka or her idiot mother!? what a blind idiot fan girl you are. You can deny all you want Peace told you like it is and detailed all her plastic surgeries. You’re either blind as a bat or batshit crazy, which is it? Tell you what: Take your make up, angles and lightening and shove them up your twat.

    Next time you manage to remove your under eye fat pads with angles and get a nose job and fix a gummy smile with makeup call a hambulance, because honey you’re a closet case for the looney bin!

  • avatar Idontcare says:

    try sleeping early and see if the eye bags are not gone. Try also not exposing under the heat of the heat of the sun between 10 am-4 pm and see if you will still have wrinkles. As I see it, her nose is just the same. As the person matures, her baby fats will be gone so the face contouring of the face will now appear.

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