Rumer Willis Alters Yet Another Body Part


Looks like Rumer Willis is continuing her journey from ugly duckling to plastic swan! Most recently, Rumer has had injections to plump up the jam and increase the size of her naturally thin lips.

Rumer Willis before and after lip injections:Rumer WIllis before and after lip injections

It looks like Rumer needed a bit more time to heal from the injections before stepping out into the lime light, as her lips are lumpy, uneven and look irritated.

Rumer Willis’s lips look lumpy and irritated after filler injections:
Rumer Willis After Lip Injections

Lip plumping injections are just one of many cosmetic procedures that the 23-year old socialite has undergone in the passed couple of years. Rumer has also had a chin reduction and boob job as she continues to follow the plastic path of her mother, Demi Moore.

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  • avatar daveh says:

    No amount of plastic surgery can remove the ugly off of her.

    • avatar From Tokyo says:

      Well that’s a disgusting reply. The ugly one is you, obviously. I hate that even needed to be said. smh

    • avatar Michelle Q says:

      She actually looks a little like Dita Von Teese now. Dita isn’t exactly a classic beauty without all of the makeup and sexy confidence, but she sure can work her look!

  • avatar CS says:

    People can cry about it all they want, but she is not a pretty girl. That jawline alone is enough to send anyone’s eyes in the other direction. Her bone structure is terrible and unfortunately for her, there is not a thing she can do about it. All of the plastic surgery she gets will not correct the facial bone structure… I actually think it’s sad. When people have flaws, they want to fix them, not just leave them like that.

    • avatar From Tokyo says:

      Nice try with the faux-sympathetic rationale. You’re just like the earlier poster, just less honest.

      • avatar Pam says:

        Agreed. She is NOT pretty, which is surprising since both her mother and father are attractive. The massive chin is her biggest defect. If a plastic surgeon could whittle it down, that would help. But sadly, she’s in planet Hollywood with a sicko wanna stay young forever mama…and a toxic culture. My advice, soften the massive chin and leave town

        • avatar df says:

          You’re so obsessed about critiquing people’s looks you don’t realize you’ve turned into a complete bitch who has no real insight into what is even close to being important in life.

          Her biggest DEFECT is her chin?? She should get plastic surgery and leave town? What the fuck is wrong with you? Somehow she’s suddenly not worthy enough to be in HollyWEIRD which is one of the biggest cesspools in the world because you don’t think she’s attractive enough. I can’t believe you are a grown adult with a functioning brain. Unplug yourself from the vapid Hollywood machine that is working against you sweetie. Wake up to reality and the real world around you that is so much more than how close to an ideal a human being’s fucking face and body gets.

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