Serena Williams Didn’t Get It From Her Momma


We recently happened upon some old pictures of Serena Williams, and WOW, her body certainly has changed over the last few years! It’s fairly obvious that Serena has had butt augmentation surgery that took her posterior from average to an anomaly.

Serena Williams before and after butt augmentation:Serena Williams Before and After Butt Augmentation

There are several different ways that Serena could have chosen to have her butt augmentation done, but we think it is either butt implants or fat transfer. The liposuction that she’s had on her waistline, leads us to believe that it is most likely a fat transfer, where the plastic surgeon harvests fat from one body part and injects it into another.

Serena Williams before and after plastic surgery

Do you think it was a coincidence that Serena Williams debuted a new bikini body, a couple of weeks after her mysterious pulmonary embolism? Pulmonary embolism is the leading cause of death after having liposuction. We’re just sayin’…

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  • avatar zoe says:

    lets not be stupid here, thats a pic of her in mid return serve. her butt is real, stop making stuff up.

  • avatar CS says:

    It’s obviously fake, and she’s so stupid she thinks having a big butt is going to make her more attractive and modern, but she still looks like a man in drag. Work on your face first. Desperate ass shim.

  • avatar moo says:

    I will never, NEVER, get lipo! Don’t these people have mirrors??

  • avatar moo says:

    zoe…. that’s the BEFORE shot.

  • avatar Amy says:

    I don’t think she’s had implants. Look how muscular she is, that can be achieved with strenuous workout which she obviously has the ability to do. Plus, today’s implants are inserted within the muscle which would effect her ability to be an athlete. I have implants, I doubt highly that she’s had them.

  • avatar Amy says:

    She’s a beautiful muscular woman.

  • avatar nigelahmad says:

    Serena ALWAYS had a big got bigger as she got older and gained more weight and lost a little muscle mass, but look at her pictures from 99 you can see how she wore bigger dresses to accomodate for her butt lol

  • avatar Sammi says:

    Please stop it. I first met Serena in her beaded-hair days, and the dunk was HUGE! So don’t even spread false rumors…the dunk has always been huge and is REAL.

  • avatar Daisy Sito says:

    Serena has obviously had breast reduction.

  • avatar Bootyologist says:

    No, it’s just the angle of these photos. Some of them could be photoshopped as well. Serena is 100% natural, so give credit where it’s due!

  • avatar tomasa says:

    sorry, but whatever this poor rich lady does to herself, is no way will improve her looks..she was born ugly and no amount of money in the world will make her look pretty, too boot, with the years, her personality has increased to match her looks…FUGLY

  • avatar tomasa says:

    SHE SHOULD RETIRE AND call it quits..she no longer belongs on the court..she is too old, and to out of shape..her only advantage is that she hits the ball like a man…and she grunts like….well i agree with DARWIN ON THAT ONE..


  • avatar tomasa says:

    HEAVEN FORBID!!…if the SOLAR FLARES peek in late December..and the sun rays are too much to bear here on earth…ALL OF THE HOLLYWOOD ELITE (PLASTIC PEOPLE) WILL probably melt away, or any of their parts will wither away!!

  • avatar safdar says:

    Sarena Your hip is beautiful. Like it.

  • avatar crazy betty says:

    this broad looks like a nasty dude. not attractive.

  • avatar Keeks says:

    You guys are stupid. She’s an athlete. She is perfectly capable of getting a big ass if she wanted to. And if you were real fans, you’d see that it’s been huge from the start. Those camera angles and the way she’s standing makes it look smaller in the first one, and bigger in the next. Getting implants would effect the way she plays. Common sense.

  • avatar skepticman says:

    This sites’ credibility is in question if they are going after Serena Williams Ass…the after pics might be photoshopped.

  • avatar nana says:

    Serena hasn’t heard what money can do. She appears so unkempt.

  • avatar dollar-babe* says:

    i love serena’s butt, natural and super nice
    haters always desperately look fo faults,

  • avatar Kellu says:

    Serena is just naturally strong and would be quite fat if she weren’t an Athelete. But it is clear that she has had a breast reduction. I thought quite entertaining when she played with those huge melons bouncing around when she first started winning tournaments. Her but is natural, but I’m sad she reduced her beautiful full breasts

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