Selena Gomez Has Begun Her Hollywood Makeover…


Looks like yet another teen Disney star has jumped on the trout pout trend! Selena Gomez recently stepping out with a plumped up kisser.

Selena Gomez before and after lip plumping injections:
Selena Gomez before and after lip plumping injections

Is Selena desperately trying to shed her sweet-as-pie Disney girl image with the help of a plastic surgeon? While the lip injections don’t look bad on the 19-year old singer/actress/model, she should take note not to end up overdoing the plastic surgery so young (ala Lindsay Lohan or Megan Fox). These young girls start “improving” their already stunning good looks with a little plastic surgery here and a little filler there and next thing you know, they’ve changed what made them famous and marketable in the first place.

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