Lil Kim Is Miss New Booty


Lil Kim recently performed at the BET Music Awards, looking, well…crazy! Kim looks like a pieced together Janet Jackson/Nicki Minaj frankencreature, which isn’t that shocking considering all of the plastic surgery she has had, but Kim has a new addition! Looks like Lil Kim has gotten Nicki Minaj sized butt implants, which she strutted hard during her “comeback” performance of “Rip the Runway”.

Lil Kim before and after butt augmentation:

Not only is Lil Kim’s new butt huge (especially in comparison to the butt she was born with), but it looks like she’s also had fat injections to create bigger hips as well.

Lil Kim’s new hips:
Lil Kim before and after butt augmentation

Lil Kim has a history of making bad decisions when it comes to plastic surgery and I sincerely doubt that there is much left on her body that hasn’t been hacked up by a plastic surgeon. It all started with a nose job early in her career, and Kim has not stopped having plastic surgery since. From multiple nose jobs that caused her nose to collapse, to several sets of breast implants, really bad liposuction and whatever the hell she’s had done to her face (botox, fillers, implants, lifts, nips, tucks, etc), Lil Kim shows the signs of plastic surgery addiction.

Lil Kim then and now:
Little Kim Before and After Cosmetic Surgery

Lil Kim’s had several breast augmentation surgeries:
Little Kim Before and After Breast Implants

Lil Kim as a whole is 37 years old but most of her body parts are much younger…

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