Did Lady Gaga Get a Boob Job?


Looks like Lady Gaga finally got that boob job she’s been wanting!

Lady Gaga before and after breast implants?
Lady Gaga Before and After Boob Job

The Mother Monster stepped out in New York last weekend, wearing a revealing black outfit that showcased what seems to be larger then normal breasts. What do you think? Did Gaga recently have a boob job, or is that the worlds trickiest bra that she’s wearing? Looks like breast implants to us! It appears that Lady Gaga went from a B-cup to a C-cup after getting breast implants and the results are not too shabby, if you ask me!

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  • avatar Mia says:

    Yes! She’s gone up at least one cup-size!

  • avatar Michelle says:

    No I think it’s the bra. In the first picture, she has her arms raised above her head, which would pull them to the sides and make them look smaller. The second picture, she is wearing a bra that squishes them, and her left arm is also adding to that effect. Also, the first picture is from her ‘Telephone’ days, when she got super skinny- she’s gained some of that back now.

  • avatar Chuck Schwartz says:

    I think she looks great, and yes I agree she has implants.

  • avatar sara says:

    When I saw her concert on HBO, I was impressed that she hadn’t succumbed to getting a boob job because she was pretty flat. I agree that perhaps she’s put on a little weight but on her frame that wouldn’t increase her breasts 2 cup sizes. I believe she’s gotten some implants. And the fact that we’re not 100% certain (no grapefruits bolted on look), they were done well.

  • avatar moo says:

    her nose looks done…. other than that, she’s fatter in the after picture, so ???

  • avatar missligenza says:

    I don’t think she got her boobs done. Her boob and butt size varies with her weight. I also think her bra is pushing them up.

  • avatar Alice says:

    Yep, She Got A Boob Job

  • avatar Alice says:

    She May Have Not Got A Boob Job

  • avatar Alice says:

    She’s Cute

  • avatar Bree says:

    No, she doesn’t have a boobjob. Seen her live the other day at Ft.Lauderdale and she changed outfits in front of the entire audience. She has tape on her nipples and her breasts were pretty saggy, but exactly the same as in 2009/2010/2011 and so on. She hasn’t gotten any surgery there.

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