Elle MacPherson Fell Down The Rabbit Hole


Oh Elle. The once perfect supermodel who has made millions of dollars off of her natural beauty, has fallen down the rabbit hole. You know the “rabbit hole”, right? It lands you in this bizarro world (*coughhollywoodcough*) where people pretend like you don’t look like a crazy pile of plastic after having cosmetic surgery.

Elle MacPherson before and after plastic surgery:
Elle Macpherson Plastic Surgery

Elle MacPherson was one of the hottest supermodels in the 80’s and 90’s and was nicknamed “The Body” after landing five covers of The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. And while The Body’s body is still bangin’ at 47 years old, she should have forgone the plastic surgery on her face. Elle has totally overdone the Botox and filler injections in her lips and cheeks, and is now looking more crazy Stepford Wife and less like the gorgeous supermodel that she was. The plumped up lips, pillow cheeks and wrinkle-free waxen face is such a generic (and kinda desperate) look nowadays. Boring…Bring on the bikinis!

The Body’s bikini body at 47:

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  • avatar Chuck Schwartz says:

    I also think she went to far. She should have just made subtle adjustments. She looks better in the b4 picture.

  • avatar Dove says:

    Just awful. She’s lost that fresh faced natural look, not because of age, but because she gave in to the machine. She already looks like she’s gone too far. Stop now, Elle, before its too late. Or you’ll end up like Marie Osmond or Lindsay Lohan ewwwww

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