Goldie Hawn’s Lips Look Heinous


Goldie Hawn visited the United Kingdom last week and flapped her horse lips at the papparazzi. NeiiigggghhhhhH!

Goldie Hawn in 1989 and in 2012:
Goldie Hawn before and after

The 66-year old Hollywood icon has kept it together pretty well through out the years and has resisted the plastic surgery trend…until recently! Goldie’s lips are currently over-filled and look pretty silly. You can tell that Goldie is also using Botox (she had more wrinkles back in 1989), but the Botox doesn’t look nearly as bad as the fillers, if you ask us.

Perhaps it was her daughter, Kate Hudson‘s influence that suddenly peaked Goldie’s interest in plastic surgery? Kate got breast implants in 2010, which is about the time that Goldie started tweaking her face. Mother/daughter plastic surgery is the mother/daughter spa treatments of today. Scary! (And almost as scary as Goldie’s trout pout!)

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