Emmanuelle Beart Has Plastic Surgery Regrets


Throughout her successful career as an actress and model, Emmanuelle Beart has often been the subject of plastic surgery speculation. The 48-year old French actress has stayed mum about the rumors, until recently when she revealed her painful plastic surgery secrets in an interview with Le Monde.

Emmanuelle before and after having plastic surgery:
Emmanuelle Beart before and after plastic surgery

Emmanuelle revealed that she had her lips augmented when she was 27 years old, and she has been unhappy with the results since. According to Emmanuelle, she has been profoundly affected by having plastic surgery and would never again consider going under the knife (or needle):

It is a grave act in which you don’t necessarily foresee all the consequences. Just the idea of an injection these days devastates me. So I don’t know how I will get through these stages of middle and old age…It is not easy to grow old in this business, when you are a woman above all, in the cinema.

And while Emmanuelle considers her lip augmentation to have been “botched”, she still went on to have additional cosmetic surgeries and procedures such as breast implants, Botox and filler injections, in what she describes as an internal struggle to fight the need to have plastic surgery.

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  • avatar Nicolas says:

    at least she admits she has a strugle not to have cosmetic/plastic surgery… a lot of actresses / singers should do the same. b.t.w. she is a superbe actress

  • avatar goddessinsecta says:

    Looking at her after picture, she could do a few things to soften the hard-edges. I think plucking and slightly lightening her eyebrows to go better with her lighter hair would be good—or ideally, darkening the hair slightly, closer to what she had in her younger days. But either way, thin the brows. The lips? Well, if she gave up the dark liner and used a fleshtone one, it wouldn’t call as much attention to the problem. She had–and still has—such a delicate beauty. I wonder if her lips could be fixed surgically–just taming them a little. I hope from now on that she embraces the changes of age—French women are some of the most ageless beauties there are!

  • avatar Jerry says:

    That was terrible. Her before and after image really do have a big difference. Maybe, there can be solution to that. Hope that other actresses will realize the effect of having surgery.

  • avatar Amphitrite says:

    The plastic surgery she says she “regrets” supposedly took place way BEFORE the peak of her career–i.e., Mission Impossible. She was still beautiful then. She’s done a lot more that she isn’t owning up to.

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