Kat Deluna Got Some Bad Liposuction


Well well well. Looks like Kat Deluna ordered up a little “Tara Reid” at her local budget plastic surgeon! If you’re not familiar with a “Tara Reid” it’s when a thin girl opts for liposuction over the gym and ends up looking like a shitty lumpy mess.

Kat Deluna before and after liposuction:
Kat Deluna before and after liposuction

Women that get liposuction get on my nerves, but young girls getting liposuction is just absurd. Kat Deluna is only 24-years old. Perhaps she should read up on stars that ruined their careers with bad plastic surgery?

Kat has been hovering on the brink of stardom for years, and she probably turned to plastic surgery in hopes of launching her into a superstar. And while plastic surgery has made many people famous (sad, but true), there are even more people that have become infamously known for their bad plastic surgery. Will Kat Deluna be remembered for her musical career or for her surgically altered body? Hopefully she learned her lesson and will stop after that botched lipo job…

Kat Deluna’s Dancing Tonight video:

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  • avatar Karina says:

    It just looks like her abs are defined in the video…

  • avatar mandy says:

    I can see that her stomach is rounder in the first pic. Any type of lipo will change the way the skin looks over the muscles. That seems why her stomach isn’t smooth anymore.

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