Ashley Judd Overdid The Facial Fillers


Ashley Judd is doing the talk show rounds while promoting her new movie, “Missing”, but after appearing on television with a seriously puffed up face, the only buzz Ashley is getting is about her bad plastic surgery!

Ashley Judd before and after cheek filler injections:
Ashley Judd plastic surgery

Ashley Judd appeared on Canadian talk show, “The Marilyn Denis Show” with seriously swollen cheeks that looked more nut-hoarding rodent than pretty Hollywood actress. After the appearance aired, fans immediately took to Twitter to question Ashley’s new look:

Recent tweets about Ashley Judd:

When are celebrities going to learn that puffing their faces full of filler doesn’t make them looking younger, just weird. #ashleyjudd

So I’m not the only one who thinks #AshleyJudd has a #freakishly plumped-up face!

What happened 2 #AshleyJudd’s face? Bad night’s sleep – or bad surgery?

There are fillers and then there are FILLERS. #ashleyjudd

Another actress who’s succumbed to cheek implants or such like. She looks practically unrecognisable #ashleyjudd

And while some might call the public outcry rude and embarrassing, isn’t it worse to let someone continue to think that they look good, while everyone is whispering behind their back? Twitter is like the modern times way of telling someone that they have spinach stuck in their teeth (or their plastic surgery looks bad), right?

Ashley Judd on The Marilyn Denis Show:
Ashley Judd plastic surgery cheeks

After all of the negative reactions to Ashley’s new look, her rep immediately came to her defense and concocted a story to explain Ashley’s swollen face. According to Ashley’s rep:

“Ashley has been battling an ongoing, serious sinus infection and flu. Therefore, Ashley has been on a heavy dose of medication to overcome it so she could get on a plane and travel to Toronto and New York to fulfill her commitment of completing four consecutive days of press to promote her new show Missing.”

Sorry, we’re not buying it Ashley. We’ve seen many people with sinus infections and never have any of them experienced extreme swelling of the cheek bones. It is blatantly obvious that the 43-year old actress simply had too much filler (and Botox) recently injected into her face. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear the truth from one of these actresses? Just once, I want one of them to issue a truthful statement:

“In response to the rumors surrounding my face. I simply misjudged the time it would take the filler and Botox injections to settle in and look less freakish. It would have been selfish of me to reschedule my appearance on [enter talk show here] due to a vanity issue, so I hope my fans understand and appreciate my honesty.”

Ashley Judd before and after Botox:
Ashley Judd Before / After Botox Injections

Judging from photographs of the 43-year old actress, Ashley Judd has been regularly using Botox since 2009, but it looks like she recently started in with the facial fillers within the last year. Depending on what type of filler was used to plump her cheeks, Ashley’s face should deflate back to normal in 2 – 18 months.

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  • avatar sara says:

    Well, I hope Ashley gets over her sinus infection & flu soon. Seeing how she looks all puffed up in the promos for her show too, I’d say she’s been suffering for quite a while. Ha!

    PS: it doesn’t come as much of a shock for her to get plastic surgery since her mom and sister have been for years. My guess her “work” is only going to get more obvious from here on out.

  • avatar Ai says:

    I think it would be possible. Some cases of chronic sinus infection needs corticosteroids. It is very possible that she will have a moon-faced look (moon facies).

    The statement was quite logical although not neccessarily honest.

  • avatar Jessica says:

    I don’t know why you “fans” think you have any right to an actresses looks. She can do whatever she wants to her face/body and if she doesn’t want to tell you that is her right, too. You want to verify every time she farts also? Other than that, did any of you “Fans” even notice that before she was a BEAN POLE and now she actually has some healthy weight on her? Well, you can think what you want, but it’s also a possibility that JUST MAYBE she has gained WEIGHT in her face, and not a foreign substance. She is also a lot paler. Tans have slimming affects on the skin (face or body).

  • avatar shelly says:

    ah, her face will go back to normal after her crappy show flops….

  • avatar superdynamite says:

    Poor Ashley. Fat runs in her family.

  • avatar soup says:

    she actually is really sick, and needs to take steroids for a medical condition. unfortunately “moonface” (facial swelling) is one of the side effects. she hasn’t had any surgery.

  • avatar Diane says:

    She was so beautiful. Can she have this reversed?

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