Vanity Wonder Admits to Getting “Butt Shots”


Vanity Wonder is a model from the mid-west that is known for her petite frame and gigantic booty. The 4’11” model boasts measurement of 32-23-43, but she has recently admitted that her butt is not natural (shocker?!). Vanity has written a book titled “Shot Girls” and it is essentially about the underground culture of “butt shots” and the girls who get them.

Vanity Wonder before and after butt augmentation:
Vanity Wonder before plastic surgery

Butt shots are silicon injections to increase the size of the booty and are not legal to administer, since silicon injections are not safe nor FDA approved. Regardless of their safety, girls are still getting butt shots in seedy motel rooms, even though several deaths are reported every year as the result of these injections. The demand for butt shots is so high that it has created a thriving underground, illegal plastic surgery business. For years, this underground culture has catered to the transgendered community and video girls, but it is spreading like wildfire now that big butts are in fashion. Injections sound like an easy fix, when compared to having surgery to get butt implants, but it is a far more dangerous practice to injection liquid silicon (or fix-a-flat?!) into the body.

Video of Vanity Wonder talking about her book and butt injections:

Now what I’m curious about is, how many butt injections did it take to enlarge Vanity Wonder’s butt THAT much? I’m envisioning whip cream bottles full of silicon swelling her booty to the cartoonish proportions that she’s acheived, right? AND how long did it take her to get her balance back and stop toppling over backwards from the weight of that butt? Seriously, you can’t tell me that did happen at least a handful of times…

Oh, and for the record Vanity’s butt isn’t the only thing that’s fake on that girl. In addition to the butt, fake hair, fake eyelashes and heavily airbrushed pictures, she also has fake boobs.

Vanity Wonder before and after breast implants:
Vanity Wonder Boob Job

More pictures of Vanity “The 8th” Wonder:

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  • avatar K says:

    It’s just too big. She looks like a centaur.

    • avatar Michelle Q says:

      Exactly! I was thinking she looked like an insect, but a centaur is pretty accurate too. I can’t wait to see what this girl looks like in 10 years. Is she going to have like a butt tuck, where they just cut that shit off after it gets all nasty and deflated? So weird

  • avatar peony says:

    Never mind how it looks visually- she will most likely have Lupus in a few years or some other autoimmune disease from all the chemicals injected into her body.

  • avatar JessMN says:

    Why….just why???

  • avatar From Tokyo says:

    There is such a thing as too much… This is it.

  • avatar oaklandDiva says:

    i enjoyed that youtube video,and while i understand what vanity is saying about people being nasty/rude about the fact that she has butt shots and that people shouldnt ask because it is personal.
    but while ones butt business may be personal has she ever thought about the fact that some people may ask out of curiosity.? For the simple fact that they are looking to get the procedure/similar procedures done as well.
    I tell you its far more embarrassing when you are that one with the flat azz in the room…like me ‘i have a pretty face beautiful shape but my azz is non existant…,celebrities like nicki and kim k dont tell us the truth about their mysterious bigg butts leaving us flat azz females wondering and other hating,maybe there wouldnt be any controversy if butt implants/injections/augs were made the norm like breast augs.

  • avatar Jay Hood says:

    Damn, she kinda thick. Dis how I like my women. Looks gooooooood.

  • avatar N says:

    hahahaahaah!!! that’s right! she look like a centaur!! good one!

  • avatar sds420ss says:

    A centaur.LOL. Not trying to hate. But maybe she got all them surgeries to make up for her face because the girl ain’t really cute in the face. I looked at her face in the before and after pics and she’s not cute in either one. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen worse but she still ain’t that cute.

  • avatar Cat says:

    I do not understand why you would want to make yourself look like a freak. I do not understand the men that find this attractive. I certainly do not understand how a body shape can be ‘fashionable’.

    The only advantage that I can see is that she has a portable seat cushion. I know Kim Kardashian has built her whole career on her fake body parts and her once-famous step father, but even she looks completely unnatural and freakish. How anyone can pretend this is a natural body shape is beyond me.

  • avatar sds420ss says:

    True. I heard Kim’s butt was real though she just gotta big ass. What do you think about girls with naturally big rear ends. I gotta friend who’s butt is damn near as big as Vanity Wonder’s but she was born that way. I told her she might be from a tribe called the Hotentotten tribe in Africa. I think I spelled Hotentotten right.LOL Anyway, they where known for their enormous backsides. Do you dislike really large behinds in general or just really large FAKE behinds?

  • avatar Cat says:

    I don’t have a problem with any shape of woman, athletic build to hourglass, I just believe every woman is more beautiful when she is natural. What I object to is this ‘fad’ for fake breasts/butt/everything. Women are turning into clones of each other and now they are turning into comic characters. Everybody has the right to do what they want to their bodies, I just don’t think it’s right that there are fashions in body shape which result in women, especially those in the spotlight, feeling they have to undergo surgery in order to conform to this body-fashion. I know that surgery has been going on for a long time – Marilyn Monroe had a nose job, for example, but there needs to be a limit before it gets totally out of hand and I believe we have reached this limit with extreme procedures like hydrogel injections/butt implants. What’s wrong with going to the gym and working out on the stairmaster? Is it just a question of laziness?

    • avatar sds420ss says:

      Well said. It is crazy how body types are a fad. I can remember back in the day when a big bottom wasn’t considered attractive in Hollywood. It was all about having a firm, flat tight ass. In the 80’s and early 90’s it was fashionable to get a boob job that made your titties look super enormous and super. Fake. The talkshow host Wendy Williams’ boobs are a good example. She got a boob job back in the day when enormous fake looking tits were ok. Now that shit looks crazy.LOL.
      I always wondered how these body fads come to be. How did big butts go from being considered ugly to very attractive. Or huge fake titties being attractive to plain funny looking. It’s insane how the media can control what one thinks to a certain extent. When I was younger one of my closest friends hated big booty’s. Now all she wants is a bigger, juicier ass….WTF??? Either you like a big ass or you don’t.
      Then again maybe body fads are like food. For instance, I used to HATE brussel sprouts. Now i love them if they’re prepared properly. Most people hated liver and onions at one point but when they got older they liked it.
      LOL. Before you know it something strange like having one boob being drastically bigger than the other is going to be the new big thing. All the chicks in the media will be walking around with one real boob and one oversized fake tit and that will be the new body fad.LOL.

  • avatar crazy betty says:

    beyond sickening. how in the world does she wipe that giant fat butt. she must have to take a power hose to her ass crack. makes me want to barf.

  • avatar yellowleader says:

    my measurements are 32d-25-48 all natural plus im 4’11.ive seen women shaped like her but they look more natural since they are natural.her legs are too skinny.

  • avatar kim says:

    My daughters friend and some others strippers got butt injections and they look beautiful and nautaul not too big just right and I have been trying for years to find someone who can do this injections and do a very good job and cant find out any info,i know this young lady went to Georgia to have hers done,please can y help me out I am 50 this year and my butt went south long time ago and my husbsnd loves nice butts and it would help our sex life,since I could go naked in front of him and he not think my butt was 80 years old.HELP

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