Beth Chapman Got a Tummy Tuck


Beth Chapman, wife of Dog “The Bounty Hunter” Chapman, was photographed in a bikini in Hawaii recently, and something looked a little bit peculiar about her. Beth’s stomach looked suspiciously flat for a women of her size, and her belly button has that pulled look that often occurs after having an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). After she spotted the paparazzi, Beth scrambled to cover up, but not before confirming my suspicions by accidentally revealing her tummy tuck scar!

Beth Chapman’s tummy tuck scar:
Beth Chapman Tummy Tuck Scar

Beth doesn’t look bad after having a tummy tuck, but it does make her look even more ridiculously top heavy. Reducing the size of her waist, draws even more attention to Beth’s M-cup breasts! Beth would’ve look better, and had the added health benefits, if she simply lost the weight with diet and exercise. With a little bit of weight loss, Beth could have flattened her stomach (without that horrible scar that runs from hip to hip), reduced her chest to a more manageable size and toned up those bingo wings.

Beth Chapman before and after tummy tuck surgery::
Beth Chapman Before and After Tummy Tuck

One advantage of having a tummy tuck is that it can remove stretch marks, something that weight loss can not do. Beth Chapman has 3 children and stretch marks very well may have been an issue for her. If so, then I would say that her tummy tuck surgery went very well as she shows no signs of stretch marks on her newly tighten tummy.

Judging from the darkness of her scar, it looks like Beth had the abdominplasty within the last 6 – 8 months. Hopefully it will continue to lighten as it heals, but tummy tucks do tend to leave one nasty scar which is why plastic surgeons try to hide it below the bikini line. Perhaps Beth will end up getting a tacky tattoo over her tummy tuck scar, like Wendy Williams? (We hope not, but Beth Chapman isn’t exactly known for her classiness…)

More pictures of Beth and Dog Chapman letting it all hang out on a beach in Hawaii:

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  • avatar sara says:

    pretty sure that a staged, then photoshopped picture. you can see the “brush” marks

  • avatar Chloe says:

    If this isn’t a photo-shopped pictures, I believe she had made a very good decision of tucking it. She can now be able to flaunt her belly anywhere without worrying it.

  • avatar ew says:

    Yes, it’s a tummy tuck, but she still looks disgusting she should get a breast reduction, nasty

    • avatar mike says:

      She can have all the operations in the world, that won’t change the fact that she is a nasty and gross pig! and her husband is a clown

  • avatar Stephanie says:

    I think she looks awesome with a flat tummyalthough I agree natural weight loss would have done wonders more for her arms and thighs. But as far a a big chested woman goes I think she looks damn good. Mainly because she knows how to buy a great bra.

  • avatar michelle says:

    You’re an idiot. If you’re going to speak so nastily about someone and actually write it for all to see, then you really should learn how to spell properly! Your stupidity shines through.

  • avatar cheryl says:

    Sorry to burst the bubble here but I’ve seen tummy tuck scars…that ain’! Looks like It’s a c section scar if its even a real photo

    • avatar cati says:

      First of all depending on the patient, tummy tuck scars CAN be in that spot. You aren’t the only one to have seen tummy tuck scars. Second, for a c-section scar that’s awful fresh looking. You can see the nude surgery band. They cut way below that for a c-section unless she had a breech baby and in that case they cut up, and I seriously doubt she had a baby recently. Do you have a c-section scar from hip to hip?

  • avatar cheryl says:

    Oh unclench don’t see why Ur so riled up by my opinion! And the scar doesn’t look fresh it.looks healed and a few years ago c section scars where much larger than they are now my mums goes from hip to hip as does my best friends from her two c sections she had in the last six years ๐Ÿ™‚ hence my opinion you don’t have to agree with it I don’t have to like it but im damn sure I’m gonna have it anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  • avatar marnie says:

    who cares? if she had a tummy tuck or not, I like the fact that she doesnt mind letting it all hang out , no ones perfect

  • avatar arlene says:

    I think she looks good besides it’s her business to do whatever if it makes her happy

  • avatar bill says:

    phoney person they pray before each case yet she has the nastiest mouth i have ever heard..

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