Dear Aliana Lohan,


Dear Ali,
Look, I totally understand that you don’t have the best influences in your life…A drug addicted big sister, “former” addict turned pimp mom and crazy vagina kicking dad, but come on…Get your shit together already! You are not going to be famous for anything other than failing, like your sister, so go big or go home!! Stop with the plastic surgery, “modeling”, “singing” and reality shows. It’s all been done before and is so 2007. If you must fame-whore yourself into the limelight, do something unique, like getting wasted on home-brewed moonshine, hijacking a shortbus with a spork and going on a slow-speed chase to Cocamo. You are an average girl, with average looks and if you do not develop some sort of real talent you are going to live a lame life trying to find where you fit into this manufactured Hollywood lifestyle.

Aliana Lohan before and after plastic surgery:
Ali Lohan Before and After Plastic Surgery

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  • avatar Should Be Working says:

    Really? That doesn’t look anything like her…

  • avatar Eliza says:

    I can’t believe that’s her!

    • avatar Elsa says:

      It’s my opinion that she is a victim of bad plastic surgery & some type of eating disorder, because she is looking skeletal. I do believe the Lohan woman have a natural beauty & had absolutely no need for plastic surgery. So sad 🙁

  • avatar Reality says:

    Wrong. She isn’t trying to be famous and she right now is doing great modeling in New York City and abroad and she never tells the media what she is doing because she could care less about them. You know nothing of this girl and she never got plastic surgery. She is very professional in her work, you can ask anyone that has worked with her. If you did you would know how silly what you are saying is. She has no eating disorders, has a healthy attitude towards nutrition and food and is the weight her agency requires her to be. Stop equating her with her sister and parents. Her and her brother Michael Jr. are nothing like them.

    • avatar Uh Huh says:

      Uh huh, thanks Ali. Maybe you should go back to high school and learn how to write coherently and grammatically correctly.

      Oh, and you used to be a cute girl; now you look like a boy who’s unsuccessfully trying to get work in drag. It’s tragic what your mother did to you.

  • avatar Cat says:

    ‘The weight her agency requires her to be’ – this is not a healthy weight and this is not a healthy body image. The agency will demand the weight that their clients demand, they do not care if the model has an eating disorder or suffers with osteoporosis as a result in later life. This girl is not healthy, she looks seriously ill and not at all attractive. Modeling abroad? Where exactly? I live in France and have contacts all over Europe so I know she isn’t modeling there. Maybe Azerbaijan? But I doubt it – Aliana Lohan could be a success at just being a normal human being, going through school, finding a career and proving to herself that she doesn’t have to follow somebody else’s instructions for the rest of her life, and if she carries on like this, it will be a short life. People have already taken bets on when her sister will die, Aliana seems to want to follow her lead.

  • avatar Courtney says:

    Oh my gosh, she looks like a man. I don’t know how someone can think nothing changed about her. Whatever it may be…eating disorder, surgery, it doesn’t look good. Go back to the old Ali.

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