Did Nicole Richie Get a Boob Job?


An eagle-eyed reader sent us some recent paparazzi photos of Nicole Richie on vacation in Miami, and it appears that Nicole has gotten breast implants!

Nicole Richie before and after having a boob job:
Nicole Richie before and after boob job

Nicole is currently in South Beach to attend a party celebrating her Ocean Drive Magazine cover. (Oh, the hard life of a socialite! Getting your picture taken and partying to celebrate getting your picture taken…) The paparazzi caught her taking a dip at her hotel pool in a teeny string bikini, that showed off what appears to be new breast implants.

Nicole has famously struggled with body issues and caused quite a stir in 2006 after her weight dropped to 95lbs. Could it be these same body issues that caused her to get breast implants, or did she just need a little lift after breastfeeding two babies? According to an insider, Nicole got breast implants in the summer of 2011 after she said breastfeeding killed what boobs she did have.

Nicole Ritchie before and after having plastic surgery:
Nicole Ritchie Breast Implants

The petite mother of 2 has put on some healthy weight since she was at her thinnest, but weight gain alone can not explain the new shape of Nicole’s chest. There is a distinct roundness to breast implants that is easy to spot on girls as thin as Nicole, and when she raises her arms, the implants are quite obvious.

Thanks to a plastic surgeon and a pair of silcone (or saline sacks), Nicole appears to have boosted her bustline from an A-cup to a perky, full B-cup and is filling out a bikini like she never has before. The choice of small implants is becoming more popular nowadays and it was a smart choice for Nicole’s body type. If you didn’t have a before picture to compare to, Nicole’s new boobs could pass for the real thing!

So to answer the question: Did Nicole Ritchie get a boob job?! Yes, it sure does appear that she did. And they look great if you ask us!

More pictures of Nicole Richie in a bikini thorough out the years:

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