Clay Aiken Admits to Having Liposuction


Clay Aiken recently appeared on live television and put to rest the plastic surgery rumors…by admitting that he has indeed had cosmetic surgery! Clay told “Watch What Happens Live” host, Andy Cohen:

I had operative surgery on my jaw for a TMJ thing and I had them suck the fat out of my chin while they were in there. I was like, ‘You know what, while I’m already down, go ahead and take the vacuum in there and suck the fat out of my chin’.

Clay Aiken before and after liposuction:Clay Aiken liposuction of the chin

Score one for honesty? Well, maybe…Clay’s chin not only looks more defined after having liposuction, but it looks quite a bit larger/wider. It appears that he may be fibbing a bit about his surgery being to correct a “TMJ thing”. Bite correction surgery for TMJ is reserved for severe cases, as there are plenty of non-surgical options. Also, bite correction surgery doesn’t typically result in a visible cosmetic change, and Clay Aiken’s chin has been drastically altered.

Clay Aiken before and after chin surgery:Clay AIken Plastic Surgery Chin

With that said, we think Clay’s TMJ story is a cover up for the fact that he got jaw implants to widen his lower jaw, giving him a more manly appearance. Liposuction of the chin would obviously compliment a jaw augmentation surgery by further defining the chin and jawline. When comparing picture of Clay Aiken in his American Idol days to photos taken recently, the change to his face, specifically his jawline, is dramatic and undeniable.

Clay Aiken then and now:Clay Aiken then and now

What do you think? Has Clay Aiken had more plastic surgery then he’s admitting to, or has there been an attractive side-effect to the surgery that he’s claimed to have had to correct a TMJ issue? Also, do you think it was a coincidence that Clay Aiken drops a ‘yes, I’ve had plastic surgery’ bombshell on the exact same day that his new album is released? Hmmmmm, that seems strangely calculated, right?

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  • avatar Chuck Schwartz says:

    He’s had more plastic surgery then he’s admitting to. Just look @ his Idol days and now. Ugly then ugly now 😛

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