Stacy Keibler’s Shrunken Schnoz


Some old pictures of Stacey Kiebler in lingerie are being passed around the internet, (I guess because there is some renewed interest in her because she’s dating George Clooney?) and they may be a little bit more revealing then she intended. The photoshoot was taken in 2008 and from the looks of the photos, before Stacey Keibler had plastic surgery!

Stacey Kiebler before and after plastic surgery:
Stacy Kiebler before and after rhinoplasty

The 32-year old former wrestler turned model stripped down to some skimpy lingerie for the photoshoot and showed off her fit body with some provocative posing. And yes, she looks amazing (scroll down for the lingerie pics)! But, if you can tear your eyes away from her lingerie for a sec and take a gander at Stacey’s face, you can see an obvious change from then and now. Her nose was much more prominent and bulbous back in 2008. Now, Stacy sports a scaled down version of her original nose, thanks to the help of a skilled plastic surgeon!

Stacey Keibler before and after rhinoplasty:
Stacy Kiebler before and after nose job

(On a side note…Is it just me or does Stacey Keibler look like Ashley Tisdale‘s less dorky older sister?!)

Anyhow, back to the matter at hand. Stacey Kiebler’s new nose! It’s pretty obvious that Stacey Keibler has had a nose job, when you compare the pictures of her from 2008 to the pictures of Stacey today. All in all, the rhinoplasty was successful as her nose simply looks like a slightly more defined version of the original. Did Stacey need a nose job? We don’t thinks so…(unless it was the new nose that led George Clooney to ask her out! But judging by those lingerie pictures, we sincerely doubt that noses where on George’s mind.)

More of the Stacy Keibler lingerie shoot pictures:

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