Brooklyn Decker Ruined Her Face With Bad Plastic Surgery


Brooklyn Decker is the latest supermodel turned actress and is doing the rounds to promote her upcoming movie, “Battleship”. But what the hell is up with her face?! Apparently Brooklyn Decker is also the latest supermodel who’s had bad plastic surgery!

Brooklyn Decker before and after plastic surgery:
Brooklyn Decker Before and After Plastic Surgery

Just like her fellow Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington Whitely, Brooklyn went from super hot bikini supermodel to showing up in crappy movies looking like a plastic surgery nightmare. Brooklyn has overdone the lip fillers and has a severe case of trout pout, that really just draws attention to the equine-sized veneers that she has also had applied to her teeth.

Brooklyn Decker after a mouth and lip makeover:
Brooklyn Decker has horse teeth

Do supermodels get worried about doing movies because they don’t have the crutch of airbrushing and photoshopping to make them look amazing, or what? Brooklyn Decker is only 25-years old and you gotta wonder if the bad plastic surgery will put a halt to her career like so many other beautiful actresses and models that got too over-zealous with the plastic surgery. I’m going to vote yes on this one and I doubt we’ll be seeing much more of Brooklyn Decker’s new face and seahorse smile.

Apparently this is not Brooklyn’s first time under the knife, and like most young women that go overboard with plastic surgery, the plastic surgery spark was ignited after experiencing a good result with her first surgery. In this case, it was a well executed nose job that helped jump start her modeling career.

Brooklyn Decker before and after nose job:
Brooklyn Decker Nose Job

Here are some more photos of Brooklyn Decker before having bad plastic surgery. You know, when she was hot and making millions for being beautiful in a bikini…(Guess that wasn’t good enough):

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  • avatar fyi says:

    The woman on the left is not Brooklyn Decker. That’s a different model, Angela Lindvall.

  • avatar Mia says:

    I think all she had done was veneers & Botox. This explains her strange smile. but I don’t see anything else here.

  • avatar Olivia Rose says:

    What about surgery to her chin/jaw?? I see a major change in the 2007 and 2011 photos! It looks like her chin has been shaved and her jaw widened.

  • avatar Cheryl says:

    She looks much older than 25, probably due to the tweaking

  • avatar Mia says:

    Thank you! I thought those two girls (Brooklyn Decker & Angela Lindvall) are not the same person as your teeth could not look that different even with veneers! I still don’t think she had anything other than veneers & Botox done. The picture where her jaw looks wider could just be due to weight gain.

  • avatar nat says:

    that’s just sad. before the plastic surgery she was the most beautiful person, like, ever.

  • avatar Cat says:

    She’s also had implants, but alot of the Victoria Secret models have had work done, including implants, nose jobs, brow lifts etc etc. It’s a very competitive business at the end of the day and you are trading on your looks.

    It’s a shame that individuality is no longer celebrated and women feel they have to be clones of each other. What happened to being unique?

  • avatar jealousy says:

    I hate when people want to consider themselves critics only b/c they know that they wish truly in their hearts that they could achieve the fame these ladies do so their only reaponse is to try and find anything they can imagine wrong and i say imagine b/c i believe these ladies are beautiful in their chosen professions and the so called critics want to have a career other than hiding in the shadows trying to point out any imperfections they see when they should.shut their mouths and enjoy the beauty these ladies bestow on the world….thank you all for listening

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