Coroners Report Reveals Whitney Houston’s Plastic Surgery Secrets


whitney houston breast implantsIt has already been revealed that Whitney Houston was shopping around for a facelift, just weeks before her death, and it wasn’t exactly surprising to learn that she did not pass the medical exam required in order to undergo cosmetic surgery. What is surprising is how extensive Whitney’s plastic surgery past really is!

The coroner’s report reveals that Whitney Houston had numerous cosmetic surgeries, including breast implants, a breast lift, liposuction and a tummy tuck. It was also revealed that the 48-year old singer wore dentures to hide 11 missing teeth, a likely side effect from years of drug abuse which often causes severe tooth decay. In addition to the tooth decay, Whitney also had a perforated septum, caused by years (decades?) of cocaine overindulgence.

You can read the full coroner’s report of Whitney Houston’s death and autopsy here: Whitney Houston Coroner’s Report.

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  • avatar elle says:

    she is dead. leave her alone poor dear:)

  • avatar Sandra D says:

    Whitney’s “faint scar at the anterior pelvic brim” came from delivering Bobbi Kristina via c-section. It’s not a tummy tuck.

  • avatar Salad Face says:

    I just read the report and it clearly states she had ALL of her natural teeth. Why did you even bother to link it if you just wanted to make up LIES?

    • Keeping reading. You obviously read the police report and not the coroners report: “The upper teeth have been replaced with a full arch maxillary dental prosthesis…”

  • avatar Concerned says:

    why do gossip columnists and by extension the public show no restraint in regards to their extremely intrusive and degrading behavior into the personal lives of african american celebrities? (i.e. Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston) It’s kind of revolting that you would stoop so low to dishonor the memory of a woman who was obviously deeply conflicted and yet also a individual who did a great many good things whike she was on this earth. google “whitney houston philanthropy”

    • avatar Angie says:

      It’s articles like this that apparently give some people a sense of importance. Medical records are supposed to be private. Yes, I admit there are some pictures of people that make it very easy to determine if someone has had cosmetic surgery(esp.breast implants. There are MANY reasons why a person has had several teeth extracted: poor dental hygiene,candy,soda, periodontal disease and other reasons besides drug use.

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