Did Adele Have A Nose Job?


Singing sensation Adele, has made it very clear to anyone that she is happy in the skin that she is in and has no intention of dieting in order to fit in to the Hollywood standard. But is that self confidence only skin deep? Judging from pictures of Adele before she made it big, it doesn’t look like Adele has always been so confident about the way that she looks and had plastic surgery.

Adele before and after plastic surgery?
Adele before and after <a href=nose job” title=”Adele before and after nose job” width=”571″ height=”399″>

The 23-year old singer appears to have had rhinoplasty surgery to refine and reshape her nose. Her original nose was larger, and the tip was much rounder, giving it a bit of a “piggie” look. Her new and improved nose is much more refined and looks very nice, if you ask us!

Adele before and after rhinoplasty surgery:Adele before and after rhinoplasty

When Adele’s before and after pictures were reviewed by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Renato Calabria and Ramtin Kassir, they both concluded that, yes, Adele has indeed had a nose job. According to Calabria:

“The tip of Adele’s nose is definitely more defined, which would suggest that she had a tip rhinoplasty. That consists of reshaping the lower cartilages of the nose by reducing their width and repositioning them with carefully placed sutures to give more definition. This can all be done trough a tiny incision at the base of the nose in a minimally invasive fashion to limit swelling and bruising.”

Triple board certified facial plastic surgeon Kassir, added:

“It does indeed look as if Adele has had a rhinoplasty. The entire nose looks smaller, the tip is more sculpted and less droopy, and the overall form of the nose flows more smoothly.”

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  • avatar cc says:

    i thought there was something different about her, it’s a good nose job though, it makes her look almost pretty now where as before she had a face like a miss piggy.

    she wears wigs and hair pieces now too, all that’s missing from her makeover is the weight-loss.

  • avatar Leslie says:

    Nope, she didn’t. Nose jobs are easy to detect with the scar tissue.

  • avatar hi says:

    its makeup, different makeup artist doing her makeup now, contouring and shadowing of the nose can change the shape of a persons nose on camera. when she takes off all the makeup she is back to her old self again with the old nose before the makeup change.

  • avatar missligenza says:

    It’s make up plus she lost a lot of weight. When you lose weight, your nose gets smaller.

  • avatar Faith says:

    Looking at the above pictures, it appears as if she has indeed had rhinoplasty. I had no idea and I have previously admired her nose. I think she is very pretty and her nose looks so natural. Congratulations on a successful rhinoplasty!

  • avatar Linda Nash says:

    It is at least a beautiful, natural looking, perfect nose job. Some of these nose jobs scream nose job. I only hope she knows that it is now a perfect nose and stops there on her nose and face. So sad that all these young ladies are ruining their looks at such an early age with un-needed or too much plastic surgery.

  • avatar SJP says:

    Of course she’s had one! Refined tip.
    Fucking LOL at the morons who say “when you lose weight on your face etc” “when your face matures etc.” “it’s the makeup etc”.

    Cartilage DOES NOT reduce with weight loss, if anything your nose and ears continue to grow as you get older. The sheer amount of stupidity in some people is ridiculous. She got one. Get over it. If the notion of someone saying she had a rhinoplasty offends you fans so much, then take it up with Adele, because she did get one.

  • avatar adelesucks says:

    she still fat and no talent stupid fat bitch ni**er

  • avatar furrybear says:

    She looks considerably more attractive than before…can’t believe any make up artist in the world can be that good! And although she has lost some weight it’s not as much to explain how better she looks….whatever the reason is it has improved her so who cares!

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