Jenna Jameson Got Her Butt Done


Jenna Jameson’s porn career is behind her, but it seems that ever since she quit the biz, she has spiraled into the black hole of bad plastic surgery. On top of the multiple boob jobs, over the top lip plumping injections, pillow cheeks and the mega-Botox, Jenna recently has also had butt augmentation surgery.

Jenna Jameson before and after butt augmentation:
Jenna Jameson before and after butt augmentation

Butt augmentation surgery is gaining popularity now that big butts are in style, and there are several different ways to go about getting that bootylicious look. Fat transfer injections are one of the more popular ways to augment the butt, but that requires liposuction to harvest the fat, and unlike other celebrities that have had this procedure done (Kim Kardashian and Coco, for example) we don’t think Jenna Jameson has enough fat to spare for this procedure. With that in mind, we think that Jenna Jameson’s new bubble butt is the product of butt augmentation surgery with butt implants!

The butt implants are definitely not the beginning of Jenna Jameson’s plastic surgery makeover as she has had a LOT of work done over the past few years. She’s had so much work done on her face, that she hardly looks anything like her original self.

Jenna Jameson before and after plastic surgery:
Jenna Jameson before and after plastic surgery

When the 38-year old retired pornstar’s photos were reviewed by a panel of plastic surgeon’s, this is what they had to say:

“This is way too much for an already attractive girl.”
– Dr. Semira Bayati

“Some say that ‘if a little is good, then more is better.’ That is not the case when it pertains to cosmetic procedures. (If Jenna were to seek his advice) I would say stop. We have to preserve what looks natural”
– Dr. Vincent Afsahi

And while we definitely think Jenna Jameson has gone overboard with the plastic surgery and she is looking quite mask-like and scary, I am slightly less frightened by her 2012 face, then the plastic surgery trainwreckery that she was sporting in 2007.

Jenna Jameson in 2007:
Jenna Jameson plastic surgery 2007


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  • avatar Nicolas says:

    does enyone else think she looks like kim kardashian?

    • avatar Miss Truth Hurts says:

      She looks 52 in that 2007 pic…I’ll say it again WHITE WOMEN AGE HORRIBLY!! Get mad I dont give a sh**t, cuz it’s true *LMAO*

  • avatar Lola says:

    What else has she gotten done ?

    I remember her whole 2007 era – saggy shiny skin, saggy boobs that just looked even worse with the implants and the random bone appearing appearing out of nowhere. Sweet person but she looked hideous a few years ago.

    She looks MUCH better now – vastly improved ! Shes actually hot !!

    Im not sold on her having butt implants, at least not until photos of her in a bikini surface. For all we know, she maybe wearing padded underwear.

  • avatar Olivia Rose says:

    You forgot bad hair, bad fake tan and crappy dress. But, what do you expect from a porn star?

  • avatar Gabe Asher says:

    She should have stopped after the chin implant. It was subtle, and looks fairly natural.

  • avatar cc says:

    yeah she definitely looks better now than she did a few years ago, she has that frozen face look but her facial shape is better and she looks a lot more attractive.

    if she hadn’t over done the tan she would be hot, she looks a lot younger too.

    who is her surgeon these days? he did a good job fixing her!

  • avatar KK says:

    Her and Kim Kardashian have the same surgeon, Doctor Garth Ficher.

  • avatar From Tokyo says:

    You have to have the body to fit a behind, not just (like boobs) bolt something on. Same with the lip injections, etc. It ends up looking stupid if it doesn’t match the facial features/body type, respectively.

    I like the pink and black dress, though.

  • avatar tadja says:

    she looks like kim k and lil kim mixed..

  • avatar Ryan says:

    Chin implant? That’s a thing? Holy shit how insecure are ppl these days

  • avatar Ronnie says:

    Kim Kardashian #2

  • avatar Lee Sinn says:

    She’s a beautiful woman anyway you cut. The surgeries although unnecessary, her choice. . . And if it makes her happy then to each their own!

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