Did Perez Hilton Get Plastic Surgery?


Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton recently showed up to Logo’s NewNowNext Awards, showing off a slimmer physique and flashing his newly visible six-pack abs.

Perez Hilton before and after weight loss:
Perez Hilton before and after weight loss

(Side note: Perez, we know you are excited to show off your new body, but shirtless at an awards show? Barf. Next time please just call the paparazzi and go shoot some staged candids at the beach. Mmmkay??)

Perez’s new look has started the rumor mill grinding away and many people are speculating that he’s had weight loss surgery and/or plastic surgery. Perez denies the rumors and claims that he has lost about 80lbs since he decided to make a change in 2008 by eating right and working out. Perez flat out denies having any sort of weight loss surgery or plastic surgery and claims to have transformed his body via “the good old fashion way”. But is he telling the truth?

Upon first inspection of the new Perez, his claims seem viable. Although his stomach is a little “etched” looking, Perez is pretty lean all over. BUT when he was done sucking it in and posing on the red carpet, Perez revealed a little clue that may point to him having had liposuction. Is it just me, or does the saggy skin on Perez’s stomach look a lot like the botched liposuction that Tara Reid got?

Did Perez get liposuction like Tara Reid?
Perez Hilton versus Tara Reid's botched lipo stomach

What do you think about Perez Hilton’s new look? Is he telling the whole truth about his weight loss, or did he try to put the icing on the cake with a little liposuction (or “body contouring” as Tara likes to call it…)?

More photos of a shirtless Perez Hilton at the NewNowNext Awards:

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  • avatar Olivia Rose says:

    It’s called loose skin. His skin has been stretched out from when he was heavy. The skin didn’t stretch back all the way. I don’t think he’s had lipo/body countouring.

    • avatar Torrez says:

      Well you are stupid if you think this fool didnt have surgery, Try getting your head out of his ass and use your eyes dummy.

      • avatar Anon says:

        Considering how fat he was it’s not that surprising, skin can only be stretched so far before it’s damaged. Add in the fact that if he had surgery why he’d still have his nipples BELOW the chest muscles is pretty sad.

  • avatar cc says:

    he hasn’t had weight loss surgery, he has been on a healthy eating plan and lost the weight very slowly over the last few years and you can see that he works out too, if he had a gastric band the results would have been much quicker.

    i don’t think he has a very attractive body now, maybe he has had some lipo, it does look a but strange but good for him for getting fit and healthy.

  • avatar BLA says:

    Is it just me, or does it look like his nipples are sliding off of his pecs? Would weight loss cause them to no longer line up as they should?

    • avatar Feather says:

      TOTALLY what I was thinking! Something is totally off to the point that I don’t buy the story from Perez….

    • avatar Anon says:

      It’s because he use to have giant tits and the skin can only bounce back so far. You see similar with a lot of males who’ve been fat and lost weight.

  • avatar Should Be Working says:

    +1 on Loose Skin. After having kids I was left with extra skin that’s never completely been reabsorbed. Same for his sliding off nipples, in the before picture he had some pretty large boobs so there’s probably some extra skin over his pectoral area too.

  • avatar Lola says:

    Cant believe this POS is considered a celebrity. He looks like a planet of the apes reject ! Horrible ghetto outfit, and the showing of the abs really does not do him any favors. Get me my bucket Im about to get sick !

    On topic – no, I think its just loose skin

  • avatar shelly says:

    regardless of whether he has had lipo or not (i vote no), i think he looks scary. he is too tan, too skinny and looks like he’s on drugs. going from unhealthy fat to unhealthy skinny is not an achievement to praise. he’d look good with 10 lbs more.

  • avatar Talia says:

    I love Perez, but he looks too scary skinny now. I definitely think he had some help with lipo/plastic surgery. I love that he wants to be healthy now but he has gone overboard. He should just admit he had some lipo sculpting or whatever. Why do celebs always lie?
    Wish him the best though and hope he finds a healthy balance.

  • avatar Mia says:

    4 WORDS: Christian Bale, The Machinist?

  • avatar From Tokyo says:

    He just gets a “No, no, no” altogether; the ab thing aside, he still gets a “no”. Just no.

  • avatar chrissyy says:

    i think he did tummy tuck or skin tuck or whatever it is. usual operations for very fat people who lose weight like those from biggest loser

    • avatar Anon says:

      It’s possible but I dunno, if he had anything down it’s been a pretty bad job, his whole front section of skin is about an inch lower than it should be. The type of people from the biggest loser often have to get surgery because their skin was stretched to a point where it couldn’t recover at all (imagine elastic that’s been pulled to the point it doesn’t bounce back anymore) so they end up with “breasts” that hang down to their navels (and it’s just skin) and layers of skin around their waist that hang from their body rather than wrap around it.

  • avatar tadja says:

    i think he did a little bit of both lol working out and lipo

  • avatar whybother says:

    i bet he can suck 10 dicks at once

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