Cameron Diaz’s New Breast Implants Aren’t Fooling Anyone


Back in January, Cameron Diaz debuted some larger lady lumps thanks to a pair of new breast implants. Initially, we thought that the implants looked okay on Cameron and would eventually settle in for a natural look, thanks to the small implant size that she chose. Unfortunately, new pictures of Cameron show her breast implants looking like hard, obvious bolt-ons.

Cameron Diaz before breast implants and in April 2012:
Cameron Diaz before and after breast implants

Back in January, shortly after having the breast augmentation surgery, Cameron’s breast implants looked softer and more natural, which leads us to believe that she is suffering from a common complication of breast implants: capsular contracture. Capsular contracture usually occurs 6 – 12 months after receiving breast implants, and is the result of scar tissue forming around one or both of the implants. The resulting effect produces hardened breasts that can become misshapen and painful.

A photographic timeline of Cameron Diaz’s breast implants:Cameron Diaz Breast Implant Timeline

I don’t know about you, but I preferred my Cameron Diaz without the tacky breast implants. I would take being flat-chested and fit to looking like I have rock hard halved oranges shoved under my skin. You?

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  • avatar CHUCK 67 says:

    Th e 4th pic is not her.

  • avatar Talia says:

    She looked way better before. Her new implants do look hard and looks like CC is happening. Seems every female celeb has breast implants. I have had them and they were not fun, had them taken out 9 months ago and it was the best thing I could have done. They were hard and painful and entered the room before I did. Every time I see a woman with implants it makes me so happy to be natural and healthy again. Implants are not beautiful and are not healthy!

  • avatar Gabe Asher says:

    Upper left pic is classic bad lipo with “marbling” on the belly.
    I miss the days of ‘the mask’. CURSE YOU FATHER TIME!!!

  • avatar Olivia Rose says:

    Do you think the orange suit is just tighter and pushing her breasts up? Bummer if she has cc. I love Cameron. I don’t think she needed implants in the first place. The “future” picture is hilarious!!

  • avatar tadja says:

    i dont see anything wrong with them they fit her thicker hard body *shrugs*

  • avatar alain smithee says:

    There’s nothing wrong with the way she was shaped before the implants.

    My girlfriend is a 32A and the only serious argument that we’ve had was when she wanted to get implants and I didn’t want her to.

    • avatar CatWoman says:

      I had the same argument, with my ex-husband. I’m really glad he convinced me NOT to get implants. My breasts changed, over time, and I’ve had rave reviews, from my partners, all along over the decades. When I see these small chested but beautiful women, I think they look is just as sexy as buxom beauties, just different. A pretty face, and a healthy body are sexy. Too bad Hollywood sells us so much, on the fake stuff!

  • avatar Dan Smith says:

    She absolutely needed implants, looks way better. Fills out a bikini finally. Now just need to get Kate Hudson a pair….

    • avatar lala says:

      kate hudson already got implants.

    • avatar CatWoman says:

      Uhh Dan, last time I checked, no woman NEEDS breast implants. They are entirely optional.

      • avatar Bill says:

        If a woman doesn’t have tits (or has very small ones) she definitely needs them. So much better to have something to look at and hold on to than to be flat. Unbelievable how some women don’t get this fact. One last point, if you’re going to get them – get ’em, none of this B, C-cup crap.

        • avatar Fox says:

          I think this is awesome. All we women have to do to make sure fucking idiot narcissistic creeps like Bill stay away from us is not get implants! Brilliant system.

          *avoids implants & misogynist creeps forever*

          • avatar Bill says:

            Great idea! But let’s expand on it. Let’s put all the flatties like Fox in one area like they do with the Muslims in France and instead of calling it the “no go” zone, we’ll call it the “no tit” zone. That way we can avoid all the skanks in our daily lives. Everybody will be happy that way.

  • avatar Lisa says:

    Ok, Dan Smith, are you sporting over 7 inches????

  • avatar Morgan says:

    I support cameron Diaz she is beautiful, she didn’t need be sexy but she looks great anyway.

  • avatar Morgan says:

    B cups are not flat chested a cups or less are…besides.cameron diaz looked sexy either way..

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