Jenelle Evans Is Getting Her Teen Mom Fake Boobies


Jenelle Evans in a white bikini before breast implantsYet another ‘Teen Mom’ has learned from her mistakes and is using the money she’s earned from MTV to better the life of her child, go to college, get a boob job! Because, you know, being a single mom to a precocious toddler is good time to get an elective cosmetic surgery that will have you laid up for a couple of weeks. But the end result, big fake tits, will alllll be worth it!

Janelle Evans will be the third ‘Teen Mom’ to undergo breast augmentation surgery, joining Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout, and MTV is asking the other girls to stop with the plastic surgery. According to Star Magazine:

“MTV has an idea of how they want the girls to come off and big fake boobs isn’t it … They’ve even called the other girls and begged them to hold off on surgery.”

Jenelle insists that MTV has no problem with her getting breast implants and the 19-year old confirms that yes, she will be getting a boob job later this year.

Stay tuned for the after shots of Jenelle Evans new boobs! I’m sure this is just what she needs in order to turn her life around and become a better mother. Next up for Jenelle? Sex tape with that douche bag boyfriend Kieffer Delp! I’m calling it…

More pictures of Jenelle Evans in a bikini:

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  • avatar bondbabe says:

    While I agree they shouldn’t be using the money to get boob jobs, I also believe MTV doesn’t have a right to request what they can and can’t use the money for. After all, MTV is the one who put crap show on in the first place.

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