Plastic Surgery Rumors: Taylor Swift Got a Boob Job!?


Alright people, we understand that we are considered a celebrity gossip blog, but we do actually take our discussion of celebrity plastic surgery seriously! So, with that in mind, I would like to present the very first “Wow, That’s Dumb!” Award to Fox News AND for reporting that Taylor Swift got breast implants. Both Fox and Hollywood Life back up their claim by showing comparison pictures of Taylor swift, where the “before” photo is one where she is obviously not wearing a bra and the “after” photo is one where she is OBVIOUSLY (Uh, you can see the bra lines) wearing a structured/padded bra.

Hollywood Life’s “Exclusive” proof that Taylor Swift got breast implants:Hollywood Life thinks Taylor Swift Got a <a href=Boob Job” title=”Hollywood Life thinks Taylor Swift Got a Boob Job” width=”608″ height=”614″>

Fox New thinks thinks that Taylor Swift with and without a bra means boob job:Fox News thinks Taylor Swift got a boob job

Here is the real deal about Taylor Swift’s boobs. They’re real, it’s just that she often doesn’t wear a bra because she’s working that whole high-fashion model style thing, which by the way, we love about her. Here are some better photo comparisons of Taylor Swift, so judge for yourself!

A more accurate comparison of Taylor Swift, shows that a boob job is unlikely:
Reports of Taylor Swift plastic surgery are false

Taylor Swift in 2009 and in 2012:
Taylor Swift then and now

What do you guys think? Did Taylor Swift get breast implants, or does every other news outlet have themselves in a tizzy over something as simple as a bra? We think Taylor is still au natural, but we’ll have to wait and see what she wears next in order to make an accurate assumption. I can already foresee Fox News’s next headline: “Taylor Swift gets and removes breast implants in the same week!”

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  • avatar bob says:

    I think Taylor has a very full a-b cup that profits greatly from a push up bra. The spotted bikini top is obviously pushing her breasts up making them look fuller. In the dress she’s wearing a wrap around bra with no bottom support so they sit on her chest naturally.

  • avatar shelly says:

    well, she is also young yet and is perhaps still growing too. no, those don’t look fake.

  • avatar Olivia Rose says:

    No, not implants. Stupid reporting. Taylor looks darling by the way in the blue & white striped dress. I love that bright red lipstick on her too.

    • avatar Dr. Fiasco X.Vicodin says:

      I for one do agree about the lovely dress, but not so much on the bright lip color. I prefer younger women in more natural shades. That is of course only my subjective opinion and is not meant to diminish yours in any way whatsoever – her choices are obviously wildly popular with her fans so it matters not what I may think.

  • avatar chrissyy says:

    no she did not. in some of her other recent pictures really proves she did not do any ‘jobs’

  • avatar Dr. Fiasco X.Vicodin says:

    In my opinion she has not had plastic surgery of any kind, but she HAS gained more bust in recent years from natural growth. Remember she was barely 16 yrs of age when “discovered” and was not done growing – she was by her own admission a “late bloomer” She started menstruation rather late, and her breast development was not complete by 18-19 as it is for many young ladies. Combine years with the appropriate attire, and voila, you have photographs which look like silicone enhancement – but I think not. She has toured or recorded practically full-time since being signed. I’m unclear as to when she would have had a recovery period, etc. -so I think not.

  • avatar Ted Clearwater says:

    She was showing those littens off last night on the awards show and they were definitely implants which is a shame as now she is just a phony. Men love natural breasts and fake ones really show lack of self esteem confidence! Her hair style and open front dress was like she is after more mature men… but she is like a black window and eats their hearts alive and leaves them for dead.

    • avatar dick says:

      Agree. Taylor had the perfect female body, natural & slender with perfect boobs. Now she looks like a random fake Hollywood bimbo with big fake boobs. Fake boobs = fake person. just hope she doesn’t start messing with her face which is just perfect too.

  • avatar Isabela says:

    Well,I think her breast are natural.She’s just wearing a padded bra so it looks bigger or maybe just still continuing growing up.

  • avatar Nick says:

    The implants are obvious. She was flat flat flat at 20. Bust growth like that? In her 20’s? Please. Implants. It was clear as day when she wore a V neck to the People Choice and a bustier to the Country Awards; you could see the lining of the discs and her boobs looked rock hard, obviously not even 5 months passed since the operation, they looked fresh.
    To explain the past photos, she was wearing pads and push-ups in the red carpet shots. The recent striped dress photos don’t look like she is wearing a padded/pushup bra. It looks like her breasts don’t fit, like she’s “outgrown” an “old” bra. You can see her boobs fighting. It’s not the garment making her look bigger, she is bigger and the bra and dress no longer fit.

    Definite boob job. Still don’t buy it, check out her new tour videos. B/C cups with no bounce, no sag. Cold hard PLASTIC.

  • avatar hmmm says:

    ^^^ Nick is right, actually. I think her fans just like her so much that they don’t want to believe what is kind of obvious if you actually look… 🙂 and she didn’t go CRAZY with them, she just went up a cup size or so, so it’s not super obvious. I think a lot of people think humongous tacky looking balloon bazoongas when they think “boob job”. A lot of people don’t realize that you CAN be tasteful with boob jobs. Honestly, if I were as flat as she was, I would have gotten them too. But yes, if you just Google image search “Taylor Swift boob job” you’ll see the pics where she just got them done and wore that plunging V-neck dress. You can see the bolt-on action.

  • avatar hmmm says:

    ^ doctors even say “you can see the implants”… just saying.

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