Janice Dickinson Has Ruined Her Looks With Plastic Surgery


Janice Dickinson has finally done it. She has completely wrecked her face with plastic surgery and looks like a ridiculous hot mess. She is now sporting extra jumbo sized flapasaurus rex lips that are not only way too big, they are also misshapen and floppy looking. Janice, honey, you don’t look sexy or attractive, you look deformed and crazy.

Janice through the years:
Janice Dickinson Trout Pout

The 57-year old former supermodel turned reality fame-whore star, has always been candid about her love for plastic surgery and her quest to become “the best looking corpse on the planet”. It is one thing to try to stop/slow the aging process and another to start blowing up parts of your face with filler until you look like a caricature of yourself. Janice Dickinson officially looks like shit. She was doing pretty okay there for a while, but let’s stick a fork in her, this hot mess is done. It’s time for Janice to shift gears and start fixing the damage done by all of the plastic surgery. Isn’t it funny that women like this spend 10 years “improving” their looks with plastic surgery, then the next 10 years having plastic surgery to try and fix their looks back to how their were before plastic surgery?

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