Kim Kardashian Before and After Nose and Chin Surgery


Kim Kardashian must really be in love with the fact that she finally bedded an A-list celeb Kanye West, because she let her guard down long enough to look at Kanye lovingly and allowed the paparazzi to shoot her in profile! This is something she never does because all of the plastic surgery she’s had on her face is very apparent when you view her face from the side.

Kim Kardashian before (2006) and after (2012) plastic surgery on her nose and chin:
Kim Kardashian's New Nose and Chin

You can see the obvious difference in the shape and size of Kim’s nose, but what I found more interesting is that you can tell that she’s also had plastic surgery on her chin. She has definitely had liposuction under her chin, and perhaps even a chin implant. And we thought Kim Kardashian couldn’t get any more fake! Just when you think she is faker then a $3 bill she manages to surprise us with yet another fake body part, fake relationship, fake reality show, fake product, etc.

I can’t wait until Kanye is done with the Kim Kardashian Real Doll™ and dumps her for a stripper.

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