Before and After Pictures of Jenelle Evan’s Breast Implants


“Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans took the plunge and wasted no time getting those breast implants that she’s been talking about. Today, Jenelle posted a picture of her new boobs on Twitter and posed in a bikini for some staged “candid” paparazzi photos.

Jenelle Evans before and after breast implants:
Jenelle Evans before and after getting breast implants

What do you think of the newest set of “Teen Mess Mom” fake boobs? Jenelle has followed in the footsteps of fellow “Teen Mom”s Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout by using her MTV money for plastic surgery. If you ask us, Jenelle now looks like a tacky beast lumbering down the Jersey Shore and she was 100 times more attractive before the breast implants. But hey, what do we know…

Why did Jenelle Evans get fake boobs? Because her on-again off-again boyfriend told her to. According to a source close to the show:

Jenelle was totally given the idea to get the boobs by her ex-boyfriend Gary Head. Not a lot of girls around the area have fake boobs, it just isn’t something they normally do, but Gary was telling her that she would look a lot better with the bigger boobs. She had the idea in her head that she wanted implants and so she went ahead and got them no matter what, and this was definitely something that Gary wanted her to do.

More pictures of Jenelle Evans new boobs in a bikini:

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  • avatar Lola says:

    She looks fat now.

  • avatar qwerty says:

    did she get her butt done too?

  • avatar bondbabe says:

    They also haven’t settled in, so they look like loaves of bread stuffed under her chin. Re-check in about a year, when they have finally settled.

  • avatar ew says:

    she looks like jersey shore trash

  • avatar Alyssa says:

    They looks disgusting. They’re WAY too high, her bathing suit doesn’t even fit properly..

    • avatar Kristen says:

      All boob jobs look like that when they just get done, they’re swollen, tight & unsettled. They’ll look more normal in a couple of months…

  • avatar Amber says:

    She got boobs and gained about 20 lbs as well. That’s why she looks like she got her butt done, too. Look at her gut and her arms. She isn’t FAT. But she has definitely put on weight.

  • avatar Cassie says:

    I look she looks like crap and that she looked way better before.

  • avatar bestimmt says:

    Wow. Those are DISGUSTING. Why do women get fake tits? Don’t you understand 98.8% of men out there HATE fake tits. I would MUCH rather my woman had small real boobs as opposed to big fake ones. I guess if you’re trying to attract the kind of guy who wants boobs huge no matter how they feel and look, then implants are for you. But a girl who had a pretty good body before completely destroyed herself. You look disgusting, Jenelle.

  • avatar Mad Hatter says:

    Farrah Abraham has a $1.2 million dollar butthole and a $3 dollar face. Sounds right to me!

  • avatar Bill says:

    She needed them desperately. She now looks like a woman instead of a 5 year old little girl. She looks fabulous. Great decision.

  • avatar Kristin says:

    I think she just got fat…

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