Jenelle Evans Has Leaked Nude Photos Now


The day after Jenelle Evans debuted her new breast implants, someone leaked topless and fully nude pictures of Jenelle before and after having plastic surgery. We’re guessing her sort of boyfriend Kieffer Delp or Gary Head, who convinced her to get the breast implants in the first place, took the before and after pictures and sold them to the tabloids. They sound like really nice guys, Jenelle. You should totally keep them around. Maybe get some more plastic surgery or lame tattoos to impress them?

Jenelle Evans leaked topless photo:
CENSORED – Click for photo

The worst part about Jenelle’s new breast implants is that she had great boobs before, that fit her petite body perfectly. If you ask us, the breast implants look horrible on Jenelle, and most of her fans agree.

Here are the leaked nude photos of Jenelle, after her boob job, compliments of Radar Online:

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  • avatar Jessica Walberg says:

    Umm I believe y’all should take this down because for one it is illegal to be doing this because she didn’t give you permission . So yeah TAKE THE SHIT DOWN all you are doing is just hurting her and ruining her life but y’all don’t give a damn . anything you can make a buck off of right . Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves . Think of it like this if she were your daughter famous or not would you want your photos exploited like this . I THINK NOT ! It’s time to act like adults and grow the hell up . I swear it’s people like y’all that fuck shit up for everyone . I can not believe the nerve of y’all insensitive as hell .

    • avatar Mark Walberg says:

      LOL, really? Someone else had leaked the photos so they are kind of in “public domain” the responsible party is the one that leaked the photo. What an interesting and absurd response to an article on a website that examines who has gotten what surgery or are you just trolling. Additionally I find it really humorous you took the time to type “y’all” like it adds credence to your argument or legitimacy to your folksy views.

    • avatar cati says:

      What the hell are you doing on this site then? Surely the same thing other people are doing? Does it bother you because it’s one of your favorite teen train wreck? Too bad!! If it were illegal most of the pictures on here, wouldn’t be.

  • avatar dick muncher says:

    they look shitty

  • avatar Cat says:

    Judging by the tape covering the under-breast incision, the angles of the photos and lack of posing, I think these came from the surgery/clinic that performed the operation. These are follow-up photos that are taken the day the support dressings come off. The dressing covering the stitches stays in place and photos are taken – these were not private pics. She wouldn’t have had copies and certainly not her boyfriend/friend. These photos would have been on her medical file at the cosmetic surgery clinic – whoever leaked them, worked there or stole them from the clinic. Hopefully she isn’t too upset by these photos being out there, but judging by the programme subject and the reason she is ‘famous’, I imagine she is enjoying the attention.

    I fear for humanity.

  • avatar Shawn says:

    @Cat are you stupid or just trying to makes stuff up. Last I checked Dr’s offices don’t have laundry baskets in the post-op room or have you stand in front of the toilet as they snap pics. Maybe you should think before you write such non-sense.

  • avatar Jake says:

    She is an ugly fat bitch.

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