Pippa Middleton Could Use a Little Booty Pop


The paparazzi caught up with Pippa Middleton and her flat, nonexistent butt sauntering down the street in London recently.

Pippa Middleton wearing jeggings in London:
Pippa Middleton's Flat Bum

Remember when Pippa’s butt stole the show at the royal wedding of her sister Kate Middleton and Prince William? Where Pippa’s back-view was called “one of the most memorable images from the Royal Wedding”? And when plastic surgeons reported having an influx of people asking for a “shapely” behind such as Pippa Middletons?

Pippa Middleton in 2011 and 2012:
Pippa Middleton Has a Flat Butt

Come on Pippa, get a pair of padded panties and keep the dream alive! Or at least promise never to wear those god-awful jeggings again. Okay?

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