Micaela Schaefer Walks Her Bolt Ons Down The Red Carpet


German model Micaela Shaefer shocked the attendees of the Men In Black 3 premier by walking the red carpet in nothing more then a shredded plastic bag, belt and g-string panties.

Michaela Schaefer at the Men In Black 3 premier:
Micaela Schaefer's is nearly naked at Men In Black premier

While most guys just went slack-jawed and eyeballed the 22-year old models fake boobs, the only thing I could think was, “Ew tacky”. And, “That is so Rose McGowan circa 1998”.

Micaela in 2012 and Rose McGowan at the MTV Music Awards in 1998:
Micaela Schaefer versus Rose McGowan circa 1998

Micaela Schaefer pulls a Rose McGowan circa 1998

Not surprisingly, it seems that Micaela is just an attention-seeking wannabe and walks any red carpet she can in next to nothing to try and extend her 15-minutes of fame. She has also appeared in at least half a dozen reality shows including “Germany’s Next Top Model” and “Big Brother”.

As for Micaela’s bolt on boobs (that she insists on showing to anyone that will look), how 90’s.

Micaela Schaefer’s other scantily clad red carpet performances:

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  • avatar Kevin says:

    I actually think fake breasts can be pretty sexy. I bet I’m not the only one who can appreciate a big fake set on an attractive woman.

    We (men) may not want to marry her but we’d sure like to have $ex with her. That’s why she did it. She’s not looking for respect, she’s built for $ex.

  • avatar chalie says:

    Micaela Schäfer is actually 29 Years old (today 28.02.13). She was born in 1983. Her first appierance in public she make in the first season of germanys next top model hostet by heidi klum

  • avatar Bill says:

    Wow!! Hard as a rock looking at her. Gorgeous!!!

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