Jenny McCarthy Prepares For New Playboy Shoot With More Plastic Surgery


Jenny McCarthy has posed for Playboy again and will appear in the July 2012 issue. It has been almost 20 years since her first Playboy pictorial launched her career in 1993, and the former Playmate of the Year is thrilled to celebrate her 40th birthday by doing the nude spread.

While most models prepare for photoshoots by dieting and exercising, apparently Jenny thought she needed a little more help then that, because she went a little overboard with the plastic surgery. The model/actress has always been honest about her love for Botox, but she has since stepped up her plastic surgery game a notch and has started getting those god-awful filler injections in her cheeks.

Jenny McCarthy before and after overdoing the filler and Botox injections:
Jenny McCarthy before and after filler injections in her cheeks

Jenny has also swapped out her breast implants and has traded in her silicon C-cups for what appears to be larger D-cups. This isn’t all that surprising, since breast implants only last 10 years before they need to be replaced and this is Jenny’s 3rd set of breast implants (at least). What is surprising is that Jenny decided to up-size her implants so soon after down-sizing them in 2009.

Jenny McCarthy before and after sizing up her breast implants:
Jenny Mccarthy Got New Breast Implants

You can get a better look at Jenny McCarthy’s latest set of breast implants when she bares all in the July issue of Playboy. By the way, do naked 40-year old moms really sell magazines or is Hugh Hefner slipping?!

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  • avatar Jennifer Rivera says:

    I found this page after googling “what happened to Jenny McCarthy’s face?”. I was shocked to see jenny on the View this morning. I had not seen her in maybe a year as I was never able to catch her on that Love in the Wild show. Jenny is naturally gorgeous and now looks like she’s developing a Jocelyn Wildenstein cat woman face. I noticed that her mouth looked different immediately. I couldn’t figured out if she has new teeth or lip injections. Her cheeks also look abnormally bloated. I hope whatever she’s done is reversible and that she will continue to allow herself to age gracefully.

  • avatar Veronica says:

    Oh wow! I agree with Jennifer. I was so shocked when I saw her on Good Morning America that same morning. She was so beautiful! Why change yourself in that way? I just don’t get it.

  • avatar Bonny says:

    I definitely loved the old Jenny- i couldn t quite my finger on what her new face reminded of then it came to me KIM KARDASHIAN!

  • avatar Holly says:

    I had a similar thought as Jennifer, but the opposite result. I haven’t seen Jenny in some time and saw her tonight on Conan. She looked so much better. I was never a fan of hers, but it took me a while to figure out the differences of her face. Overall, I think she looks much better now.

  • avatar bigfun says:

    she was a hell of alot better looking in her b4 pics now she is just 2 damn fake why not stay all natural she now even worth looking at now

  • avatar izzy says:

    Just saw her on New Year’s Rockin Eve—–looks just like Joan Rivers!

  • avatar Why???? says:

    Jenny..why? Thought you were such a cute girl..why do all you aging hollywood gals want to look like the JOKER from Batman? Please, be one of the smarter ones and learn from this huge mistake. This creepy plastic look is rank and stop while your ahead..PLEASE be ORIGINAL and grow older gracefully..set an EXAMPLE!

  • avatar Terry Lynn Senft says:

    OMG she was so pretty before…….Now she looks hideous……I’am all for plastic surgery, but it should look natural without people noticing you had some work done…..It jus crapped me up when i seen her on Rockin New Year;s Eve last nite……Her face looks frozen !!

  • avatar Jean says:

    I saw this woman last nite on the New’s Year Eve special and I was shocked when they said it was Jennie McCarthy! She was so beautiful and now she is unrecognizable! Why is everyone so insecure- that they get “work” when it is not needed. When needed- fine- it’s an individual choice and I respect that option. But most of these women would age beautifully naturally. Meryl Streep- Ann Margaret- Sally Field- come to mind. I find it sad.

  • avatar Deena says:

    Was so sad to see Jenny’s face on New Year’s Eve..almost didn’t recognize her. Why take your beautiful Jenny McCarthy look and change it into every other over stretched cheekbone, eye, lip insecure face that we continue to see after bad plastic surgery. Sorry you felt the need to do that to yourself.

  • avatar Lefthanded Righty says:

    Meg Ryan did the same thing. Made me equally sad. Holly…you may want to get your eyes checked…just sayin…

  • avatar OliviaRose says:

    I have always been a big fan of hers. I also love what she has done for Autism. When I watched the Rockin New Years Eve this year, I wondered why they’d hire some plastic housewife of one of those reality shows. When I saw her name on the screen I about fell out of my chair. I have been a follower of hers since her Mtv days in the ’90s and I didn’t even recognize her at all on New Years Eve. This just makes me sad really. All the stuff she’s done to her face is just so unecessary.

  • avatar BlueStateRedhead says:

    I too found this after googling Jenny McCarthy facelift. And agree with those who see this as sad. All these beautiful women turning themselves into future “Thriller” cast members. I can accept that there is pressure in Hollywood to look young and goodness knows that folks like Jenny, Meg Ryan, and others have the money to do this but ever since I saw what happened to Joan Van Ark, I’ve been turned off by actresses and actors who do it. It’s dreadful. What seems the most crazy to me is that these folks become unrecognizable which seems very counter intuitive. And, no matter how hard they try to prevent it, they will all age. They all need to watch “Death Becomes Her”, truth in comedy.

  • avatar DJHas says:

    Truthfully, I didn’t recognize Jenny on “The Chew” this a.m., (3/15/13). The lady I was viewing was very attractive, sexy, and confident. I was so shocked to find out it was Jenny McCarthy. I don’t know what she’s done, but her makeover was very well done. Sadly though, I just didn’t recognize her. It’s ok to get a makeover, but when you end up being unrecognizable, that’s sad. I truly did not know who she was until they men tioned her name, but she does look great, I have to admit.

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